Thursday, March 2, 2017

Topical Thursday Morning Shuffle - Tell Me Lies Mix

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So.... the chief lawyer for the country is not only a racist, ableist, transphobe, and homophobe, but he is also apparently a liar/perjurer and possibly a traitor.  Nope, nothing to see here...

and then there is this... (with a straight face)

1. The failure of the Yemen raid is Obama's fault.
2. The failure of the Yemen raid is the military's fault.
3  The success of the Yemen raid is Trump's accomplishment.

I had a rare opportunity to see six different Earie award winners perform last night - beginning at The 5 Spot with D.L. Duncan - beginning his month-long residency.  He was joined by the incredible blues keyboard player, Al Hill.

Next, I headed to The Country for the inaugural Writer Crush Wednesday which featured rounds from Tom Schreck and Connor Rand, Andrew Adkins and Joe Nolan, and Lindsay Ellyn (who created the event) and Taylor Alexander.  Really fun night.

Tonight, I am hyped to see John Doe at The Basement with Jon Latham opening.

I am changing my title of Thursday's posts to Topical Thursday.  Just because.  My topic (or theme if you will) continues into this new month, and I added a bunch of songs to the mix.

Disclaimers:  The topic is not revealed. The connection of the songs is tenuous and times and not explained.  It may not be the actual content of the song that fits it into the theme - it may just be a possible interpretation of the title.  And as always, the views expressed or implied do not necessarily reflect those of any of the artists.

Let's Go!

"Tell Me Lies" by Royal Court of China

First up - a track from the self-titled 1987 album by Nashville rock band Royal Court of China.  Whose roots and branches stretch from The Enemy to The Bluefields and beyond. 

"Bummer" by Joseph Mooradian

Joseph Mooradian is Nashville singer-songwriter who I have known since he was a teenager. I have been following his musical development since then.  He just released a new album called Pink and Green, and this is our first listen.  It is available on Bandcamp.  The title seemed to fit my theme even if the song itself might not.  Good stuff. 

"Bad Man Blues" by Clint Morgan

Another from Scofflaw. Who could I have been thinking about when I added this song to the playlist. Hmm...

"From the News" by The Joy of Painting

The Joy of Painting were a Nashville garage pop band. They were, I think, a featured artist in the earlier days of E2TG.  They disbanded in 2014 but have played at least one reunion show since then.  Anyway, thinking about the news... 

"Bitter Tears" by INXS

I recently came upon an INXS Greatest Hits CD at the local thrift store. Bitter tears was the 3rd single off of the Australian band's 1990 album, X. 

"Call Me Insane" by Dale Watson

Next up, we have the title track from Dale Watson's 2015 album.  Watson is the founder of the Ameripolitan music movement which consists of outlaw, honky-tonk, rockabilly, and western swing music.   

"Evil" by Shovels and Rope

And we close out with a track from Swimmin' Time (2014). Shovels and Rope are a South Carolina folk duo who recently played a two-night stand at the Ryman with Aaron Lee Tasjan and John Moreland each opening different night 

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