Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Wild Wednesday Morning Shuffle - His Home is Hell Mix

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Before you ask, I did not watch the presidential address last night...  Let me ask... Did he say that he was going to remove white supremacists from his administration?  Did he say he had made a mistake in appointing an Attorney General with an abysmal civil rights record? Did he promise a full, independent investigation into Russia's tampering with the election and his campaign staff's communication with that country?  Did he reveal a healthcare plan that covers all Americans?  Did he denounce the recent racially and ethnically motivated violence and vandalism that are being carried out by people who believe they are acting on his behalf?    What's that... no?  Then, I am really not interested in what ever b.s. he spouted.

Hey - shameless self-promotion time.  I am working to release a LONG, LONG overdue novel - sometime this year, and I just recorded a very short Intro - from the beginning of the novel.  Here it is.  More to come about The Drift...

Well - after a couple of nights staying in to work, my week of live music begins tonight.  Earie Award Winner (2015) D.L. Duncan begins his residency at The 5 Spot - early show.  Later, a bunch of my favorite songwriters (lots of Earie winners included) will be at The Country for a round.

Tomorrow night, I am so thrilled to be seeing John Doe at The Basement, and even more thrilled that 2015 Artist of the Year and 2016 Earie winner - Jon Latham will be opening the show!

Time for some Wild Wednesday tunes...

"Are You Going To Tennessee?" by AJ Hobbs

Hey - another day  and another AJ Hobbs tune.  Really digging his music. Too Much is Never Enough is the album - you should check it out. 

"The Devil Ain't Got No Music" by Matthew Skoller

A great tune from Blues Immigrant by Matthew Skoller - Chicago blues harp player, singer and songwriter. So good!

"Now vs, Now" by Tim Easton

Next up - another wonderful song from Tim Easton's excellent album American Fork. 

"Banks of the Mississippi" by Don Gallardo

Hey - and how about another from Hickory.  I tell you this album does not have any bad cuts.  I love this song!

"Skin and Bone" by Jacob Thomas Jr.

Next up, the first of two songs in today's shuffle that I got from a compilation put out on Noisetrade by Nisolo shoe company.  The compilation is all Nashville artists.  Jacob Thomas Jr. is originally from South Louisiana.  I really dug this track, and I want to hear more. 
"These American Blues" by Levi Parham

Next up, the title track from the 2016 album by this Oklahoma singer-songwriter with deep East Nashville connections.  One of my favorites. 

"Hell or High Water" by Joe Mansman and the Midnight Revival Band

Next we have our final track from Too Far Gone - the 2015 album by this band from Glen Falls, New York. Mansman has been an E2TG favorite since his days with a band called The Cosmonauts. 

"Love That'll Last Forever" by Austin Manuel

Another track from that Nisolo compilation.  Austin Manuel is - believe it or not, a native Nashvillian.  I really like this song and again, it makes me want to hear more.  I have to say - that Nisolo compilation is pretty rad, and it is still available as a Free Download (tipping encouraged) on 
"Champagne Halloween" by St. Paul and the Broken Bones
St. Paul and the Broken Bones have really blown up over the last few years.  They are based in Birmingham, Alabama, and their music is so much fun. This is a track from their Welcome to St. Paul and the Broken Bones EP - which coincidentally (kind of) is also available on Noisetrade. UPDATE: Oh snap, I forgot to mention that Aaron Lee Tasjan will be opening some dates for St. Paul and the Broken Bones - they come near you - go see it!

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