Monday, April 10, 2017

Music City Monday Morning Shuffle - 7 Hours Away Mix

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So, the illegitimate president's illegitimate supreme court nominee has been sworn in.  Great.. just great...  Feeling pretty disgusted with the whole thing.

Diving into Monday - a four-day work week for me... let's get this going.  Monday means time for our "Music City" shuffle. Let's go!

"Sunday Morning Coming Down" by Lynn Anderson

We start with Lynn Anderson's version of the Kris Kristofferson classic made famous by Johnny Cash (but first recorded by Ray Stevens).  Anderson's version was included on her 1970 album Rose Garden.

"Ferris Wheel" by David Olney

Next up, legendary Nashville songwriter David Olney with a track from his brand new album, "Don't Try to Fight It. David Olney is a treasure, and this album is wonderful - check it out!

"That's Enough" by Carol and Dale

Next up, we have a track from Be Here Now, the latest album from husband and wife duo, Carol and Dale.  They are based in Franklin and host an annual music festival called Blackberry Jam at their blackberry farm. Now, I'm hungry!  Carol and Dale have been recording and playing together for over 20 years, and they have great songs and a great sound.  

"Return to Sender" by Brian Milligram

Next, we have the title track from Brian Milligrams album. He is a Nashville singer-songwriter from New York state. He brings a punk attitude to emotive folk rock songs. What impresses me is the way he he walks the line between sensitive lyrics and a "fuck you" attitude. To me this combination done in this way, rings true. 

"Out of Love" by John Prine

We have the penultimate track to feature from the 1986 live performance by John Prine. The song features some good beer puns.  

"Baby Don't Cry" by Suzette Lawrence and the Neon Angels

Nashville's honky tonk rocker,  Suzette Lawrence is up next with another track from her album Tear Up the Honky Tonk. 

"In the Country" by The Buddies

The Buddies are up next with a track from their album  Country Record. As I have mentioned, The Buddies formed in Nashville featuring Coley Kennedy from Black Vincent plus Scott and Kim Collins from Smoking Flowers, and Justin Collins from Justin and the Cosmics. 

"My Old Brown Coat and Me" by Tim O'Brien

The latest album from Grammy award winning Tim O'Brien is called When the River Meets the Road. It was released on March 31. This is a tradtional song as arranged by Doc Williams. 

"City Lights" by The White Stripes

And we close things out with a previously unreleased White Stripes songs taken from the Jack White Acoustic Recordings 1998-2016 which came out late last year on Third Man/Columbia. 

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