Monday, April 3, 2017

Music City Monday Morning Shuffle - Take One Down Mix

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Daily (not) political post:  It occurred to me reading a couple of recent news articles that the current administration is the most transparently unethical administration in this nation's history.  Transparent is usually seen as a good thing, but the way the current administration is openly flaunting their ethical breaches is astounding. Where are those in power who are willing to speak up? It's not like there even needs to be much of an investigation.  They are not even trying to hide it....
Busy weekend... saw some great shows, missed some great shows, worked hard, rested, hung out with friends, did a live radio show with guest DJ Mark Robinson, announced the first week of the E2TG May Residency with same Mark Robinson and his fabulous band, and did some other things.

The rest of the line-up will be announced soon.  

Saturday night was the David Olney CD release show and pop-up art event at The 5 Spot with Brock Zeman and Blair Hogan.  Great music and a great time..

It's Monday, when we shuffle up tunes from our Music City Monday playlist.... let's go...

"I Can't Wait" by Danny Trashville

We begin the shuffle with another track from The Great Unknown  by Nashville singer-songwriter Danny Trashville. 

"99 Bottles/Colours" by Candy Apple and the Buddies

Next we have a track from Candy Apple and the Buddies and their release Leprechaun to the Right.  This is a medley of the standard sing-a-long 99 Bottles of Beer with Donovan's 1965 single "Colours".  It's vintage The Buddies for sure. 

"Wait Darlin' Wait" by Brian Wright and the Waco Tragedies

Next, we have the first of two tracks from Brian Wright's Dog Ears album with his former band, The Waco Tragedies.  

"The S.W.A.T. Team of Love" by Bill Lloyd

Next we have a track taken from Bill Lloyd's 2014 release Reset 2014 which is a 20th Anniversary commemoration of his 1994 album Set to Pop.  Reset 2014 features new recordings, alternate takes, and like this track - live versions of songs on the classic album.  

"Rita" by Brian Wright and the Waco Tragedies

Another from Dog Ears.  Brian Wright is, I should mention, the 2016 E2TG Artist of the Year, and the co-founder of Cafe Rooster Records. 

"Hands and Knees" by Bang OK Bang

Our last track to feature from the Live from East Nashville Underground - a live album recorded at The East Room - by Nashville rock band Bang Ok Bang. 

"Mike and Katie" by Joseph Mooradian

Next up a sweet love song of young adulthood from Nashville singer-songwriter and Grimey's record-slinger Joseph Mooradian. This is off his self-produced recent release Pink and Green. 

"Guardian Angel" by Tim O'Brien

Next up, we have another fabulous track from the brand new album from legendary musician Tim O'Brien. His album, Where the River Meets the Road, came out on Friday, and I highly recommend it.  Featuring originally songs as well as traditional music, and songs from songwriters like Hazel Dickens,  Bill Withers, and more.   

"Sistinas" by Ron Gallo

We close things out with a track from red hot Nashville (by way of Philly) rock band Ron Gallo. This track is taken from a Noisetrade sampler released in conjunction with the band's latest album, Heave Meta. 

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