Monday, April 24, 2017

Music City Monday Morning Shuffle - Downward Spiral and a Uphill Climb Mix

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Okay... Look, as I have been saying and saying... I do not like talking "politics" on E2TG.  Although, my own leanings are decidedly to the left, and I consider myself a progressive, I do recognize that there is room on almost any issue for differing viewpoints, and I believe that (at least in theory) our strength as a nation comes from working together to find common ground - even if the outcome is not ideal for either "side".  I also believe that the false "duality"of our current two party system does not leave room for nuances of opinions.  (i.e. you are either for or against something. No middle ground allowed).  However, where I feel I must speak out is on matters that I believe transcend (or should transcend) "politics".  Right now, there is evil in the world.  The rise of fascist and neo-fascists around the globe, the current situation for minorities of all kinds around the world... threats of genocide.  If you don't know what I'm talking about, look around. The United States should be a global leader in opposing this things, but as things currently stand, we seem to be supporting the oppressors, and we are doing own forms of oppression. It is the rights of all people - especially those who are most at risk that makes me take up time and space out of my music blog to speak out.

Nevertheless, the fact that it is necessary in 2017 to have a march to support science. When did science become a political issue?  (I am aware of the evolution vs. creation debates). When did suppressing scientific research and gagging scientists become okay?

All right, well, ICYMI, last night, I revealed the details of the final week of the E2TG May Residency at The 5 Spot in East Nashville.  I am so excited to have Amelia White and the Blue Souvenirs helping close out our month.  And, joining them, all the way from Washington D.C. will be Fuzzqueen.  Fuzzqueen is the current incarnation of Miss Shevaughn and Yuma Wray (who have been featured here for a few years). This promises to be, most likely, our most diverse night of music for the whole month.  Fuzzqueen has suggested that ear plugs are in order.  It will be a great way to end the month!

Meanwhile, it is Monday and we have a wonderful selection of Music City related songs for you...

"Glad You're Mine" by John Paul Daniel

We start with catch, sweet song from John Paul Daniel's All is Well album.  John Paul Daniel is a musical and visual artist based in Kingston Springs, Tennessee.  Kingston Springs has a rich musical heritage connected to some of Nashville's best known artists.  

"Guilty Snake Blues" by Tommy Womack

Next up, we have a track from his 2012 album Now What?  I definitely know what he is talking about in this song. Tommy has been going through some health issues, and so I would like to take this opportunity to send some healing vibes and thoughts his way. 

"13 Blackbirds" by Don Gallardo

Speaking of 2012 albums, up next we have a track from Don Gallardo' 2012 albym The Art of Troublesome Times.  Gallardo's latest album is called Hickory, and as I mentioned last week, he is hard at work on the follow up to that album.  

"The Cursing of the Teri Lee" by Adam Kurtz

Adam Kurtz is currently traipsing around Europe on tour with Woody Pines (I am just going to assume he is traipsing).  But, thanks to magic of recorded music and technology and stuff, we have a nifty track from his solo record Tales of the Brine and The Maritime.  This one tells the (probably) fact-based story of a fishing trip gone awry. 

"So Far Today" by Shadow 15

Next, we have one of my favorite tracks by 1980s Nashville band Shadow 15.  This is one I heard repeated on 91-Rock back in the day. 

"We Work at Night" by Microwave Mountain

From the Nashville underground of the 1980s to the Nashville underground of the 2010s, we have another track from one of my favorite "new" local bands, Microwave Mountain.  Their album is called Shades Up.  

"Willow" by Carol and Dale

Smoothly transitioning as only E2TG can, we move along with a lovely instrumental from the album Be Here Now by Carol and Dale. 

"Half Ass Moses" by Hard Working Americans

And we close things out with a track from Rest in Chaos, the most recent release by Hard Working Americans.  Hard Working Americans features Todd Snider along with members of Widespread Panic, Chris Robinson Brotherhood, and more. I have seen images showing the band already working on the follow up record. 

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