Thursday, April 6, 2017

Topical Thursday Morning Shuffle - La La La Mix

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Been very busy this week on several different fronts, and as I was feeling a little bit stressed out yesterday, it was good reminder to reflect on gratitude.

Found out yesterday that NO ICE, and The Regrets - who are both associated with the Mama Coco's Funky Kitchen collective out of New York - are playing here in Nashville tonight - at Betty's Grill in West Nashville. Looks to be a pretty rocking show.  As always there is a ton of live music going on in Nashville, but NO ICE's membership included Sam Braverman of Logan X - who I have been writing about for nearly 4 years, so I feel I must take advantage of this opportunity to meet him and hear this music in person.   This will be the second Mama Coco's related band for me to see live in Nashville.  I saw Toot Suite a while back at The East Room.

It's Thursday again, and we return to our Topical Thursday shuffle.  The songs (or at least the titles or possible interpretations of the titles) fit a predetermined, vaguely defined, and unrevealed topic.  As always, do not infer and I am not implying that the writers and performers below - have any association, affiliation, or  that they support any particular viewpoint.  The shuffle is about me making a statement - as vague and murky as that may be.   Let's go!

"Ride It Out" by The Slytest

As was the case last week, when I switched things up from Theme Thursday to Topical Thursday, I loaded a whole list of songs from my overall collection, and some of those songs had already been presented as part of this continuing and evolving feature. I am pretty sure this is one of them.  It's all good, though.  The Slytest are a Swedish retro rock band. This is a track from their EP called Epic Ocean Love.  

"The Fool" by Mr. Kind

Mr. Kind is an indie rock band based in Oakland, California.  We have featured them before, and one of their members - Brian Bergeron was a featured artist way back in the early days of  E2TG. They are back - after a bit of a hiatus with a new EP called The Wild.  This is a track from that EP, and one that, title - at least, fits our theme. 

"White Power Machine" by Strange Majik

Up next is another track from the Soul Crisis EP by long time E2TG favorite Strange Majik.  The whole EP is a response to the times in which we live. Today's track has some beautiful piano playing and a pointed message.  

"La La La Lies" by Pete Townsend

Next up, is Pete Townsend's version of the Who song - from My Generation. I first heard this version on Townsend's Another Scoop compilation which came out in 1987.

"Mean to Me" by Billie Holiday

Next up - Billie Holiday with her version of a 1929 song - which she recorded in 1937 with Lester Young and Teddy Wilson. 

"Biggest Fool of All" by Julie Christensen

Next - the first of two songs from Julie Christensen from her Soul Driver album.  Christensen, who is now based in East Nashville (and who played the E2TG anniversary show last year with part of her band Stone Cupid), is best known for her years singing with Leonard Cohen and her membership in the seminal roots/punk band Divine Horsemen. 

"Do Something" by Macy Gray

We move on to this track - a single from Macy Gray's 1999 album On How Life Is. The song samples Outkast and Nice and Smooth. 

"Jack the Poor Hungarian Immigrant Boy" by Smokey the Firebear

Next we have a sound collage from teh BNGFKR album by Connecticut experimental artist Smokey the Firebear.

"People Will Lie" by Julie Christensen

And we close with another track from Soul Driver.  This album was released in 2000, and showcases Christensen's famous vocals.

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