Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Trending Tuesday Morning Shuffle - Wind Together Mix

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Just for today, I need to find beauty in the world.  This is not to say that I am denying the ugliness or even to fail to acknowledge that my privilege plays a big part in my ability to "shut out" the ugliness and to focus on the beauty, But, just for today, for my own sanity and well-being, I feel the need to recognize and acknowledge all of the beauty.  Love is beautiful - no matter how it is expressed or by whom. Truth is beautiful - even when it is attacked and ignored. People are beautiful - no matter how society chooses to define them. Art is beautiful - regardless of its commercial potential. Clouds are beautiful - even gray and ominous ones. You are beautiful - regardless of what you see when you look in a mirror - not matter what anyone tells you, no matter how you feel.

In other (good) news, my line-up for the E2TG 6th Anniversary month-long residency in May at The 5 Spot has been finalized.  The final three shows will be announced very soon.  Don't forget:  Mark Robinson Band will be jamming on May 3, and Jon Latham (and his band) will be rocking the house on May 10.  A Music City legend will be headlining on May 17.  One of Nashville's newest record labels will be running the night on May 24.  And a local favorite and the current incarnation of a long-time E2TG favorite will be laying it down on May 31.  Stay Tuned and clear your calendar.

Okay - it is Tuesday. On Tuesday, we shuffle up songs from the "New Music" playlist and call it "Trending Tuesday" because "trending" is currently a trending word.

"Shaky Blue Can" by Kristin Hersh

We begin with a track from Kristin Hersh's album Wyatt at The Coyote Palace which was just released on vinyl at the end of last week.  I'm digging this music.  Kristin Hersh is probably best known for her time in Throwing Muses. 

"Ending - THe Love is Here.wav" by Ugggy

As the title suggests, this is the closing track from Ugggy's most recent release The Harvest Beet Tape.  By the way, near as I can tell... the .wav at the end of the track name is actually part of the track - lest you think I just left the tag there by accident.  Also, I am pretty sure I downloaded this track as a mp3 and not as a wav file. Also, Ugggy is totally badass and you should check out his shit!

"Lush" by Jason P. Krug

As  you may recall - if you were reading E2TG at the end of 2016.  Valued Customer was our "Band of the Year" (Ugggy is part of Valued Customer), and Jason P. Krug was one of our two "Artists of the Year".  Today, they are back to back in the shuffle (which is random).  This happens to be our last track to feature from Krug's outstanding 2016 album The Zen of Losing.  A sensual and beautiful song...   (coincidentally, the song mentions "vines" and Ugggy has a track called "Vines" on his 2016 mixtape....)

"City of Love" by Thorbjørn Risager and The Black Tornado

Next up, we have another track from Change My Game by this Danish band.  The recently got a mention is a Washington Times article about new music. That same article also featured some other artists in our "New Music" playlist: Nina Massara (who recently relocated to Nashville), The Soul of John Black, and Tim O'Brien.  I have been digging Change My Game quite a bit.  

"Trouble!!!" by Ugggy

What's this? Another track from The Harvest Beet Tape.  Trouble!!! Ugggy!!!

"mEDICAL mIND" by Luxury Mane

Luxury Mane hail from St. Petersburg, Florida. Their latest release is called Lux Runnin Out. This is experimental, indie rock. But, it's way funner than that description brings to my mind. 

"Strawberry Creme" by Swain

(Fun fact: When I was a kid, I hated strawberries, but now I like them.)  Of more relevance, we have another track from the self-titled release  by this band/artist. From the e-mail submission I received: " As is true of all musical artists, the music serves as an extension and reflection of me. Its an album about nostalgia, regret, sex, love and suburbia."  Been digging this album for the last few months. 

"Diving Bell" by Kristin Hersh

How about another from Wyatt at the Coyote Palace? This is a double album that was released last year, and it was recently issued on vinyl for the first time.  I was fortunate enough to be a mailing list to get a digital copy of this album.  As I mentioned in the track above, Kristin Hersh has been a long-time member of the long-running band Throwing Muses which she founded with her step sister Tonya Donelly. 

"Path" by Christopher Bell

And we close out the shuffle today, with another track from Rust by Christopher Bell, who is an Illinois based celloist with a unique approach to his instrument.  We have another of his quirky covers in the video playlist ("Unchain My Heart" originally recorded by Ray Charles).  I really dig "Path" and pretty much everything on Rust.  Check out Christopher Bell.  

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