Friday, May 19, 2017

Featured Friday Morning Shuffle - Heaven Somewhere Mix

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Running a bit short on time today - so let's dive right in.

Got to get out and see Ben de la Cour and Wild Ponies at The 5 Spot. We are seriously spoiled with all the great music here in town.

I worked a shift for the WXNA Pledge Drive.  Go ahead and give if you haven't this is community radio at its best.  And with the internet, the community is where ever you are.

I might as well take every opportunity afforded to me to remind you of our next E2TG Residency show.  Cafe Rooster Records are an important part of this community.  So, not only will you hear great music from Sally Jaye, Brian Wright, Darrin Bradbury, Jon Latham, and special guest Rorey Carroll - they will be collecting donations of bug  spray and jugs of water for Southern Alliance for People and Animal Welfare to be taken to the homeless camps.

It is Friday, and on Friday we shuffle songs from our New Music Playlist and call it Featured Friday!

"Up Above My Head, I Hear Music in the Air" by Vanessa Collier

From her album, Meeting My Shadow, we have singer/songwriter/saxophonist Vanessa Collier with her rousing rendition of the Sister Rosetta Tharpe gospel classic.  Tune into Double Shot with Joe and Sue on WXNA tomorrow, and you just might hear this song!

"Memories of You and Me" by The Rosellys

We've just about made our way through The Granary Sessions by this band from Bristol, UK.  This is a lovely song.  Thanks to Don Gallardo for introducing me (I think during Americana Fest last fall).

"I Used to Love You" by Thorbjørn Risager and The Black Tornado

Change my game is the latest album by this Danish band that combines rock, blues and soul in a wholly satisfying way. 

"Look at Us Now" by Dan Montgomery
"Sleeping Beauty" by Dan Montgomery

Memphis singer-songwriter/artist Dan Montgomery will be releasing his latest album GONE in a week, and we have a two-fer for this Featured Friday Shuffle. Dan will be in Nashville on June 10 at The 5 Spot with our friends from Knoxville, BARK along with our friend from Nashville Julie Christensen.  I think this was the line-up the first time I saw Dan Montgomery play.  

"Shadows in the Shoe Box" by Corky Siegel's Chamber Blues

To be honest, a combination of chamber/classical music and blues is not something that has ever crossed my mind, but that goodness it crossed the mind of Corky Siegel who pulls this off in the most amazing ways. Great guest vocalists all over this album. 

"Enough is Enough" by Magpie Thief

I love, love, love Magpie Thief. This is a track from their EP Say What You Mean.  I recommend that you check it out - like now, like yesterday!

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