Thursday, May 18, 2017

Topical Thursday Morning Shuffle - Battle To Be Won Mix

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You know, the world is a great big wonderful, awful, beautiful, ugly, complicated, simple, tranquil, frenetic place. Most days, I am glad to be alive and experiencing it - as a person who matches many of the qualities I just ascribed to the world.  That's all.

I am still getting goosebumps thinking about last night's Week 3 of the E2TG Residency. Thanks to everyone who made it out - we had a great crowd.  Sergio Webb was wonderful, David Olney was the towering and entertaining performer as always.  When Sergio joined David Olney on stage for the first time in almost a year and a half, the results were magical!  What a way to celebrate six years of Ear to the Ground!

Oh! And a big thanks to Adeem the Artist for some shout-outs that helped the E2TG Facebook Page reach 1,000 "Likes"!

Next week, the residency continues...  And we have a good one for you!  The fine human beings from Cafe Rooster Records will joining us!  That is Sally Jaye, Brian Wright, Darrin Bradbury, and the rapidly healing Jon Latham!  Plus special guest Rorey Carroll!  May 24, The 5 Spot, $5, 6pm!

Thursdays we pick a topic and shuffle up songs that fit that topic.  For our 6th Anniversary, I created a large playlist of artists who have been featured on E2TG over the years. Here is today's shuffle....

"Roberta Sparrow" by Grumsling

San Francisco rock band, Grumsling with a song from their 2015 album: A Church, On a Boat, In the Sea. 

"I'm Sorry and I'll Try to Make You Feel Better After the Gig" by Discount Ravioli

Dord Music Group artists, Discount Ravioli with a track from their second release Come Looj With Me.  I included a video from another Dord release - Circus Propaganda - because they reunited over the weekend.

"Done with Bein' Done" by Daphne Willis

From her EP Get It.  I first met Daphne Willis at Safety Harbor Song Fest in 2015 - which I was fortunate enough to attend due to my work with No Depression, which I was fortunate enough to get to do because of E2TG. Several months later, I was contacted by a publicist who had previous sent some great music my way. Great pop music from this Nashville songwriter.

"We Keep Our Customers Happy" by The Transcendents

Dirt Songs is the latest by our friends from New Zealand. Been digging their music over the past couple of years. 

"Blackbirds" by Dan Martin

From the album Hoka Hey. Dan Martin is a Oklahoma based songwriter who I met at The 5 Spot last year.  He has cuts on the last two CDs put out for the Oklahoma Room at Folk Alliance. 

"Sweet Release" by Stoney

Stoney is a British transplant based in Austin. This is the lead track of his/their 2014 album More Than Animals. Been a while since I've listened to this, and I love it. 

"The Devil Is His Name" by David Newbould

And we close things out today with the title track from the 2016 EP by Nashville songwriter David Newbould.  Newbould has a recurring gig running the after party for Music City Roots down in Franklin. 

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