Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Trending Tuesday Morning Shuffle - On Dry Land Mix

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Hey ho!  It's Tuesday and I am about to head out to a work-related thing. Most likely no shuffle tomorrow. But, PLEASE come to The 5 Spot tomorrow night for Cafe Rooster Night! It's gonna be rad!

Some "Trending" tunes with minimal commentary...  A bunch of Nashville area music today to help celebrate the Predators going to the Stanley Cup Finals!

"You Ain't Up To It" by Nina Massara

New Nashville resident - who will be playing June 1 at The Basement from her album Watch Me. 

"culottes" by valued customer

2016 Band of the Year -  Valued Customer from Hugecup. VC makes me happy!

"Perfect For a Minute" by Carol and Dale

More from Be Here Now.  Love these tunes!

"Whole Lot of You and Me" by AJ Hobbs

If this country music needs to be hyphenated then I don't know what pure country music is... 

"Crack in the Wall" by David Olney

Don't Try to Fight It, live or on records - David Olney is as good as he has ever been - and that is pretty darn GREAT!

"Don't Count On Me" by Jon Worthy

Two days in a row!  This is from May You Live Happily Ever After.  A whole lot of local today.

"I Can't Get Next To You" by Mark Robinson

Fresh off jump starting the E2TG Residency a couple of weeks back - Mark Robinson is about to release his new album, Live at The 5 Spot. Recorded during his show band residency last September.  Eric - who does sound at The 5 Spot - always makes things sound great.  This sounds amazing!  Finally some LIVE Mark Robinson for my colleciton.  The album is due out in July.  Look for it - buy it!

"Pushed to the Side" by The Coal Men

And we close out with one of my favorite Nashville bands - and the title track from their latest album. 

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