Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Trending Tuesday Morning Shuffle - Spaghetti Mix

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Okey dokey, I'm back after a long holiday weekend.  Had a good time at Field Day 2017 - with WXNA competing against teams from The Nashville Scene, Fort Houston, Duke's, Third Man Records, and the Belcourt. It was a a true Nashville experience - with Pete Finney playing the National Anthem on pedal steel and Jack White showing up to support the Third Man team and everyone pretending to be blase about it. ;-)

Tomorrow night is the grand finale of the E2TG Residency!!  FuzzQueen opens, to be followed by Amelia White and The Blue Souvenirs!  Looking forward to this show! Doors at 5:30, $5 cover, 21+ only!

It is Tuesday - which means we have our "Trending" shuffle today.  Several Nashville artists to make up for not having a Music City Monday post!

"dont talk" by Ugggy

The shuffle has been all over the newer releases from Ugggy of Valued Customer.  He is dropping another release on Thursday!   This is from the current most recent - STŒND ALŒN (uncollected thots).

"I Love Immigration" by This Frontier Need Heroes

Next up, we have our first listen to Real Job - the latest album by This Frontier Needs Heroes.  Fronted by Brad Lauretti - this band originated in Brooklyn but is currently based in Nashville.  This is a great song in the folk tradition of socially conscious lyrics and wonderful melodies. 

"Way I Am" by Joanna Barbera

Coincidentally, Joanna Barbera did a house show a few months back with Brad Lauretti and David Dondero - that I sadly had to miss... This is a track from Barbera's most recent release IMAGO. It's been one of my favorite albums of recent times. 

"Tomorrow I'll Be Hurtin" by AJ Hobbs

More awesome country music from AJ Hobbs from his album, Too Much is Never Enough.  Another recent album I have been digging of late. 

"Queen of the Earth and Child of the Skies" by Tim O'Brien

I know I've said this before, but I was so honored to receive a review copy of Tim O'Brien's latest album., Where the River Meets the Road. Great country/bluegrass music - the album is a tribute to O'Brien's home state of West Virginia. This song is (I believe) a traditional tune - most often associated with Edden Hammons - a legendary West Virginia fiddler.   

"Ophelia, We Cry (Ode to Levon Helm)" by Don Gallardo

Just recently heard that Don Gallardo will be releasing a limited edition live album recorded at his awesome Nashville Sunday Night performance - that I was fortunate enough to attend. The album will be mostly be released in the UK - where Gallardo has a sizable following, but I am hoping some copies will show up stateside.  This track from Hickory - is an ode to the late drummer of The Band - who would have turned 77 years old last week.  

"Nuts" by Ugggy

Some killer beats from Ugggy. Including some snippets from Forbidden Planet - the 1956 Sci-Fi classic. 

"The Tide (Love Letter in Scrimshaw)" by Leland Sundries

We close things out with another track from the outstanding album Music for Outcasts by Brooklyn band - Leland Sundries. 

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