Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Wild Wednesday Morning Shuffle - Cold Steel Facts Mix

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Remember when he who shall not be names stated: "I could stand in the middle of 5th Avenue and shoot somebody and I wouldn't lose voters,"?  And his supporters did not even realize they were being insulted?  Well, every time his administration or he makes another insane, blatantly corrupt, or bizarre move - it's like he is metaphorically trying to prove that.

Made it out for part of $2 Tuesday last night.  Finally got the chance to see E2TG favorite Gabrielle Louise live -and she was wonderful.  Dylan Lancaster was next, and I really dug his set, and as always Derek Hoke (backed by Mark Robertson and Steve Latanation) was awesome!  I had to bow out before The Prescriptions played the late set, but they are going to be holding down that spot for several weeks - so hopefully I can catch them soon.

TONIGHT!!!!!! The E2TG Sixth Anniversary celebration continues with Week 2 at The 5 Spot in East Nashville. As previously announced, Jon Latham is not going to be able to perform due to some serious health issues.  We have some friends of Jon and friends of friends... set to try to fill the gap he left.

Kristen Englenz and Nick Nace - who Jon picked to open for him - are going to get the night started.  Darrin Bradbury, Matt Benjamin, and Sean Quinn and the Tremblers are set to perform. I have beer koozies! Free to the first ten paying customers. I will be reading a short section from one of novels-in-progress.  The night is going to be dedicated to Jon, and the money we make will be going toward his medical expenses.  We will also be talking about a Benefit being planned for June 5 at The Basement East.

Today, we are intentionally "Wild" and coincidentally begin with a couple of tracks that are on our "New Music" playlist - to even things out from yesterday.

"Mission to Mars" by Kristen Ford

First up - some interplanetary cool stuff - from Kristen Ford's previous album Rend and Render. 
"Can't Be Helped" by The Soul of John Black

Another from Early in the Moanin' - one of my favorite albums of 2017 so far. 

"Man I Supposed to Be" by American Aquarium

Next up, we have a track off of Wolves - the 2015 album by North Carolina band American Aquarium.

"Laust" by Black Severn

Next, we have a track from Wild Interior - the latest release from these E2TG faves from Bristol, UK. 

"Self-Referenced"  by Minutemen

How about the lead track from the 1983 EP - Buzz or Howl Under the Influence of Heat - by one of my all-time favorite bands.  Song written by Mike Watt. 

"She's My Lowcountry" by The Lucky Jukebox Brigade

Long-time E2TG favorites from Albany, New York are back in the shuffle with a track from their album Familiar Fevers. I had added this back as part of my 450 song E2TG retrospective which will be shuffled every Thursday in May. 

"Australia" by Conner Youngblood

I got this from a Noisetrade compilation sponsored by Nisolo last year.  Conner Youngblood is an eclectic singer-songwriter based here in Nashville.  I dig this. 

"Everybody Says So" by Joni Fuller

This is a track that has been lingering my in playlist for over a year - and yet the lyrics seem incredibly timely. It is a catchy song. Joni Fuller is a singer-songwriter, instrumentalist, arranger, etc from the UK.  A nice surprise track to end to today's shuffle - I had to remind myself when and where i got it. 

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