Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Wild Wednesday Morning Shuffle -We Shall Be Free Mix

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Can you believe May is almost over?  I say almost because we have two bits of unfinished business to get to before we can put it in the books...

Last before first, we have the grand finale of the E2TG Residency at The 5 Spot in East Nashville.  This month has been amazing, and I hope you will come out to help us close this thing out in style.  FuzzQueen are opening the night.  I am so psyched to see them...  Later, it is Amelia White and her Blue Souvenirs featuring Sergio Webb, Parker Hawkins, Megan Carchman, and Dave Coleman!  I will be reading some more of my fiction/poetry, and I have some beer koozies that need a good home.  Come hang with us!

First, though, we have one final shuffle for the month of May.  It is Wednesday so we shuffle up all the songs on my phone.  We have a good mix of old and new music. Let's get to it!

"If You Don't Take The Medicine" by Randy Weeks

First up, we have Austin, Texas singer songwriter Randy Weeks with a track from his 2006 album Sugarfinger. Thanks to Mary Sack for turning me on to this. 
"Tension" by Paliki

Next up, we have a track (the first single) from the 2016 album Radiornot by this Italian post wave, alt-rock, post punk band that takes their name from a peninsula on one of the Greek islands. 
"Renew" by Michael Tiernan
Next up, we have California singer-songwriter Michael Tiernan with a track from his album, Love and a Gun which came out in March. 

"Little Man With a Gun in His Hand" by Minutemen

Continuing our wildly (hence the name of the shuffle) diverse shuffle, we have San Pedro punk/post punk band Minutemen with a track that was on their 1983 EP Buzz or Howl Under the Influence of Heat. The song was written by the late D. Boon and Chuck Dukowski (Black Flag).

"Return" by Shadow 15
Next, some punk from closer to home - we have Nashville band Shadow 15 with this track which we got from the excellent retrospective Far Away.  Man, I am I so glad I have had the opportunity to dig deeper into this excellent bit of Nashville's music legacy. 

"Come Again in Glory" by Lazarus

Back to the brand new - Rock n Roll Heart was released last Friday.  Lazarus is a "song and dance man" based in Austin. This is really my first chance to dig into this album, and I have to say I am impressed.  Look to hear much more of this album in the days and weeks to come. 
"The Lady is a Tramp" by Frank Sinatra

Next up (because why not?) we have Frank Sinatra with his version of the Rodgers and Hart song from Babes in Arms.  This is from a compilation I came across awhile back at a thrift stor. 

"Traitorland (Rules for Living In)" by Nathan Bell

And we close out the day and the month with a timely song from Singer-Songwriter Nathan Bell and his brand new album (Due out next month) called Love > Fear (48 Hours in Traitorland).  I first saw Nathan Bell in a round at The Bluebird Cafe and I was impressed.  Then, I saw him at The Family Wash and he blew me away.  And, I have to say, none of that prepared me for the sheer force of this album. It is an album for our times. 

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