Friday, June 9, 2017

Featured Friday Morning Shuffle - T-Rex Mix

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It seems like there was a time when we could disagree about many things, but there were certain basic truths that we could agree upon.  Like "The sky is blue and therefore we need to do ____. "  "No, the sky IS blue, but we should do ____."  Now, it seems like it is more... "The sky is blue and therefore we need to do ______."  "No!  It is the fake media that has you convinced that the sky is blue.  The sky is red and therefore we MUST do ______."

I am short of solutions right now.  It seems like all of us are so far apart.  Common ground seems to be a lost concept. I guess I am thinking about the Congressional testimony yesterday, and how differently people can view it. I always want to try to understand on some level how those who think differently than me see the world, and on some levels I can, but regardless of the circumstances and experiences that lead a person to hold a particular set of beliefs.  There SHOULD be some points on which almost all people can agree.  Shouldn't there?

We have reached the end of a another week... time is a raging river... The Foresters new album is out today,  Listen for me twice on the radio tomorrow - Double Shot's 1 year anniversary show and then right after that I will be filling in out Nashville U.  Gina will be interviewing Rayvon Pettis who will be playing a few songs, and I will be spinning some Nashville tunes from the past and the present.

It is Friday, and on Friday, we bring you a shuffle from our "New Music Playlist".  We call it Featured Friday - as these "new music" tracks are artists, albums, or songs that we are featuring.


"Mesozoic Maniac" by Fangs and Twang

Our friends from Ypsilanti, MI who sing country songs about creatures are back with a brand new release called High Fives All Around.  This is our first listen, and I dig it.  Watch out for a stray T-Rex on your way home tonight. 

"Train" by Thorbjørn Risager and The Black Tornado

Still digging on Change My Game - the recent album by this Danish soul, blues, rock band. It's definitely among my favorites of the first half of 2017.

"Devil's in the Details" by Carol and Dale

You know, E2TG covers a lot of musical ground - from experimental, hip-hop, Americana, blues, country, jazz, surf, Cajun, all of the different -cores (emo, hard, noise), shoegaze (which I still don't understand but which I have played and enjoyed). There is flashy music (and that is not a criticism) but  then there are just well-written songs with words that mean something and people who play well and sing the words in a way that conveys the music.  That is what comes to my mind when I hear Carol and Dale.  There most recent album is called Be Here Now.  Check it out!

"Gone" by Dan Montgomery

Winning the perfect timing award.... We have the title track from Memphis singer-songwriter Dan Montgomery's latest album.  Montgomery will be bringing his travelling CD Release Show to Nashville tomorrow night at The 5 Spot. E2TG faves BARK and Julie Christensen are guests. I think they both played the last time I saw Dan Montgomery, and that show ruled, and I know this one will, too.  It's not on the new album, but maybe Julie will join Dan Montgomery and his band to do "Crack Home". 

"Julian" by Luxury Mane

Florida rock band  Luxury Mane are back in the shuffle with another from their fine album Lux Runnin Out. 

"Hard Time" by Thorbjørn Risager and The Black Tornado

Song number two in today's shuffle from this band from Copenhagen. 

"Shadow at the End of the Road" by Joe Kidd and Sheila Burke

Michigan duo Joe Kidd and Sheila Burke return to the shuffle with another from their album Everybody Has a Purpose which I have been digging for several months. I hear a lyrical and musical connection (at least a positive vibe) that in my mind connects their music to that of Carol and Dale who we played earlier in the shuffle. This kind of positiveness is rare in the world these days, but it is especially vital and necessary. 

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