Friday, June 2, 2017

Featured Friday Morning Shuffle - Sleepless in Nashville Mix

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Honestly, I try to keep my commentaries at least semi-cordial - not that the current administration does that not even necessarily deserves it, but there have been so many straws.  Seriously, how more reprehensible can this administration be?  I can't believe this will go on for four more years.  I just can't.  About "covfefe" - you know if you are someone who cares about other human beings - then this year has been horrendously painful. You got to get your laughs when you can. Every once in a while, I will visit the Facebook page of one of the handful of "T-Rump" supporters I am friends with  (I generally do well with muting these posts from my newsfeed). Anyway, I wanted to check in to see what they were saying about "covfefe" - and there is actually a  (now debunked) piece that claims the "word" is a translation of an Arabic term meaning We Will Stand or some such.  By debunked, I mean the original article has some convoluted Google Translation that seems to indicate the meaning. It is based upon a false use and reading of Google Translate. Which means, even if the president intended to use it in this way, he was basing the usage on a erroneous source (not the first time there).  But, it got me thinking about a bigger issue... let's say the translation had been correct and that had been the intent of the "Tweet"... imagine if it had been President Obama who had tweeted an Arabic term - can you even imagine the outrage from the right?  Ugh!  Look, I don't care about weird tweets, I worry about the damage being done to this nation's reputation and standing in the world.  Honestly, I would be among the first to tell you that the Democratic party is less than ideal, and I hope they will improve and make some adjustments in policy and strategy, BUT,  the situation now is so dire that I feel even some options I previously viewed as odious are looking better,,,,,

Anyway, it's Friday and we have some Featured tunes for the day!  I love that even my "New Music" playlist is so diverse. It's easy to get pigeonholed and I have worked hard to keep E2TG as wildly inclusive as possible, and the variety of submissions I get reflects that I am succeeding on that count - at least.


"That Which Is" by Post Death Soundtrack

Representing the darker, heavier, louder side of my playlists, we have another track from Canadian band Post Death Soundtrack and their album The Unlearning Curve. They also have a remix album out now!

"Cassiopeia (The Leaf Library Remix)" by Rodney Cromwell

Moving toward the synth-ier side of my playlist with a track from this UK artist off of the Happy Robots Record Label.  The Leaf Library is a UK indie/experimental band. Oh and Rodney Cromwell's name looks like Rodney Crowell when your eyes run across it....

"Goodbye Brushy Mountain" by Nathan Bell

Nathan Bell with another track from his forthcoming and very important album Love > Fear (48 Hours in TraitorLand).  Bell is a truth-teller at a time when we need truth-tellers more than ever. This one - which references a former prison in East Tennessee hits the mark in so many ways.  

"Maybe It's Alright" by Thorbjørn Risager and the Black Tornado

What's that? The shuffle seems lacking in rock, soul, rhythm and blues from Denmark? Don't worry - we got you covered.  The album is called Change My Game.  I have been digging it!

"Secret" by Helen Culver

Another London artist who uses synths, but Helen Culver comes from a completely different place than Rodney Crowell.  I dig the pop sensibilities.  I think this is our second listen to the EP Tricks are for Kids.

"Wait For You" by Conrad y Skordalia

Hey - you want some poetic lyrics and some rich music in an Americana-ish vibe?  Here is another awesome track from a A Silo Filled With Birds.  This is a New York based duo - David Conrad and Rebecca Weiner Tompkins are musicians with some pretty awesome credentials. The word in my ear is that they may soon be relocating to Nashville. But you didn't hear that from me.  No video of this duo that I could find - so I included one from Weiner Tompkins former? band Life in a  Blender. 

"Can't Get to Sleep" by Sean Quinn and the Tremblers

Next up, Nashville power pop-loving rock band Sean Quinn and the Tremblers from their album Never Meant to Last. Check out the video playlist - featuring a performance of this song from week 2 of the E2TG Residency shot by my friend Crystal!

"Best Love" by Michael Tiernan

And we close things out with some fine California acoustic rock from the album Love and a Gun. It's our second listen this week!

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