Friday, June 16, 2017

Featured Friday Morning Shuffle - Florescent Thoughts Mix

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Well - here we are at Friday...

I am a bit short on time as I got out and enjoyed the weather at bit before the heat and humidity kicked in... I was 80% through my walk when it hit...

Let's jump to it!  These are songs from the "New Music" playlist (i.e. songs we are specially featuring here. i.e. submissions, old friends, etc.)

"Check Yourself Again" by The Vondrukes

Coincidentally, I wrote about The Poorhouse Says yesterday (via shuffle) and today, the shuffle brings up this track from The Vondrukes - a band that features a member of The Poorhouse Says (or vice-versa - what was I saying).  I got The Vondrukes' album On This Ride Together last year, and I was fairly well blown away by it.  Great stuff.

"Junkie Love" by Darrin Bradbury

E2TG 2014 Artist of the Year Darrin Bradbury from his most excellent 2016 release Elmwood Park: A Slightly Melodic Audiobook with a song that he composed from a conversation he heard through a motel room wall in New Orleans.  Somehow, he was holding a glass to the wall with one hand, while writing in a notebook with the other hand. He's one talented dude. 

"Radio Flyer (Lavender Haze)" by Ugggy

Man, it's been over a week (I think) since we had an Ugggy track.  As I have posted, he has had a new release on the first of every month since March.  This is from The Divided Tape which was the first one released. He is 1/2 of 2016 E2TG Band of the Year Valued Customer. The other 1/2 Pat Power has a new  release, too.  It's pretty bad ass, and I will be playing a track from that on Double Shot this Saturday!

"The Chesapeake" by Dylan Galvin

Dylan Galvin is a singer-songwriter from Maryland via Boston - now moving to LA. He just released Remember to Play - which I have been digging. And, I just realized that he was in Nashville last weekend, and even made an appearance on WXNA! How did I miss this... don't answer. I have way too much going on... 

"So Damn Pretty" by Nathan Bell

More truth-telling from Nathan Bell off his Love>Fear: 48 Hours in Traitorland.  Sending this out to all the powerful women I know who are so much more than damn pretty. 

"It's Too Late" by Robert Finley

And we close things out with Louisiana rootsy soul artist from his album Age Don't Mean a Thing.  Robert Finley was assisted by the awesome Music Maker Relief Foundation and (as I discovered in my super quick research) he just released  a song collaboration with Dan Auerbach. (The Black Keys) for a soundtrack to a graphic novel.  I will be looking more into that one. 

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