Monday, June 12, 2017

Music City Monday Morning Shuffle - Whiskey and Cocaine Mix

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Enjoyable weekend - got to see some cool music. Friday - the always fantastic Rock and Roll Happy Hour at The 5 Spot with Tim Carroll.  After that I headed out west to catch some of Joe Maynard (Maynard and the Musties) with Mark Robinson sitting in on guitar.

Saturday - first it was the one year anniversary show of Double Shot with Joe and Sue.  Then I got to fill in on Nashville U with Gina and her guest Rayvon Pettis.  I got to spin some Nashville music.

Saturday night was the CD Release Show (Nashville edition) for Dan Montgomery's new album GONE.  Dan's band was incredible.  Julie Christensen, Sergio Webb, and Chris Tench opened the night (and played some new songs), and BARK were awesome as always.

Happy to see some video  of and to read some reactions to  Aaron Lee Tasjan at Bonnaroo.

Monday we always play songs with some connection to Music City, and we call it Music City Monday - go figure.  Here's today's shuffle...

"I Know You'll Be Mine" by Mark Robinson

A little taste of the North Mississippi Hill Country from Mark Robinson's forthcoming album Live at The 5 Spot which was recorded during his residency last fall.  Look and listen for Mark Robinson Band on Music City Roots this Wednesday!  Also on the bill is another E2TG favorite Adrian + Meredith!  I may just have to suck it up and drive to Franklin since the bus doesn't run down there any more.  

"MIA (Bill in '75)" by Nathan Bell
"The Long Way Down" by Nathan Bell

I am 95% sure that Nathan Bell lived in Nashville at one point. If I am somehow making this up in my head, then at least I have seen him play in Nashville - but I really think I am right.  In any event, I don't need any excuse to want to play a couple of songs from his powerful and important new album Love >  Fear (48 Hours in Traitorland).  It is one of my favorite albums of 2017.

"All the Beer is Gone" by The Buddies

My favorite occasional band with roots in Nashville - and a song from their self-titled album.  Describing a tragic event... 

"Tabitha Tuder's Mama" by Elizabeth Cook

Tabitha Tuders was 13 years old when she disappeared in 2003.  It is a story that haunts this city - especially those of us who had young children at that time (my own daughters were 7-8 years old). This moving song - from Cook's album Exodus of Venus  - takes the listener into the unimaginable pain and loss and uncertainty of this horrible event. 

"A Shoulder to Cry On" by Joey Kneiser and Kelly Smith

We close out this short set of songs - as we begin - with a live performance - this from the Live at Standard Deluxe album featuring Joey and Kelly of Glossary.  They will be appearing this Wednesday at The 5 Spot - opening for Bohannnons who picked up the Wednesday Residency flag from E2TG - I would definitely be at this show if I wasn't going down to Music City Roots - another of those impossible Nashville choices.  

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