Thursday, June 8, 2017

Topical Thursday Morning Shuffle - Old Bones Mix

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Well, we sure do live in interesting times.  Interesting is an interesting word.  It can be positive, negative, or neutral... or even ironically.  Time will tell, how "interesting" these times are, but from this up-close perspective, it sure is interesting.  #Comey #DumpTrump #Resist #Persist

So, last month, as you may know, E2TG turned six years old.  It has been quite a ride to be sure.  To celebrate, I created a 450 song "retrospective" playlist of music that have been featured in some way on this blog.  That is basically 450 different artist - with allowances that some may be crossovers (solo acts vs. bands they were in/ people in two or more bands etc.)  It has been fun revisiting all of the great music. I have lost touch with some of these fine folks and in some cases, I cannot find updated information, but they were all a part of getting me to this point, and while I am not entirely sure that I know where "this point" is, I do know that a whole bunch of good stuff is happening and has happened because I started writing this blog. My point being that every step along the way was important, and I am grateful of ALL of the awesome music I have encountered.  Today's shuffle spans the six years pretty effectively - picks up on some rare cuts from the past, and well - rocks.  In many cases, I could not find a video of the particular song today, but I think I got at least something to represent each artist.

Let's shuffle!

"Tongue Like a Hammer" by Dean Fields

I featured Dean Fields a few years ago. At that time, he was based in Richmond, VA, but around the time I was actively featuring his music, he relocated to Nashville. 

"Sinking Ship" by Killing Kuddles

Right around the time of my first anniversary of E2TG, I got an e-mail from Elwood Kuddles submitting his music to me.  I dug it, and I have been a fan ever since. I can't believe we still have never met in person, and we have to correct that soon.  This is the title track from his 2015 release. 

"Hot Dogg (Shades Up)" by Microwave Mountain

One of my newest faves, Nashville's own Microwave Mountain with the (almost) title track to their Shapes Up album.  Come to think of it, a Microwave Mountaiu/Killing Kuddles show could be fun.  

"The Mechanical Motion of Dying Stars" by aCr

Some heavy - experimental/post-rock stuff. aCr is a solo project by one of the members of the Texas band Liquid Casing.  We had featured Liquid Casing and then got this album (Ghost Note Manifest).  I absolutely love the variety of music that comes my way.

"Looking Backward, Part 1" by Storm Chronicles

Part of the title track from this 2013 album by this duo from Seattle. Deeply personal and lovely music.  Word is that they are working on the follow-up. 

"& The Hippos Are Burning In Their Tanks" by HIPPIECULT

HIPPIECULT are from Philadelphia - this is an jazzcore/experimental stuff.  I cannot remember how I first came across this music, but it's cool stuff.  It's from a 2013 release called demo. 

"This Traveling is Hard on My Old Bones" by The Jolly Light Brigade

The Jolly Light Brigade was a short-lived incarnation of Atticus Floyd - who was associated with Dord Music Group at one point. Talented "kids" from the Northeast. The video is an animated recreation of Atticus' first live gig. 

"...And We Laughed" by Peck

Three of the next four tracks represent artist that came to my knowledge from the time when I was the foremost chronicler of the New York/New Jersey scene who happened to based in Nashville. Like I said, it's been a weird ride, but I wouldn't trade it for the world.  I first came to know the music of Chris Peck from his band The Disappointment  - I was turned on to that band by The End Men.  Peck has since recorded under his own name (Peck, Peck Sounds), and he has made a name for himself as a producer/engineer (Christoher Paul Snelling).

"Top of the World" (Live) by Lost Romance

New Jersey rock band, Lost Romance were one of those New Jersey bands, that feature prominently on E2TG in early 2012.  They are still out there rocking. This was probably the first songs of theirs that I heard, and I loved  the expansiveness of it. This live track is taken from a benefit album for Hurricane Sandy relief that featured many E2TG favorites. 

"Paper Planes" by Ilana J

Ilana J is a UK singer-songwriter.  Her debut was called Free Falling from the Ground Up.  I am so glad that I have had the chance to hear great music from all over the world. 

"This Ain't Love" by Jo Wymer

We close things out with another awesome New Jersey musician/singer/songwriter.  Jo Wymer boasts a powerhouse voice and presence.  I got to meet her a few years back when she was in town for Americana Fest. 

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