Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Trending Tuesday Morning Shuffle - Hide Your Daughters, Hide Your Sons Mix

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Well, it is officially the longest day of the year, the Summer Solstice, or the beginning of the long march to Winter gloom - if you will.  As I mentioned yesterday, we are also approaching the half way mark of 2017.  In an effort to present as much "new" music as possible, I am going to be spinning tunes from my "new music" playlist every day for the next two week. It's Tuesday today, and I would be doing that anyway, but still....

Well - let's get to the music shall we?

"I'm So Blue" by Blackfoot Gypsies

I've been a huge fan of Blackfoot Gypsies since the first time I saw them live. Honestly, if you see them live and don't become a huge fan... well, I don't know, but it's not good.  They are signed to Plowboy Records and they just released To the Top which is just where I see them going.  They possess a rare combination of raucous energy, good nature, and cool tunes. Digging the new record.

"Hide" by Kristen Ford

For the second day in a row, we have a song from Kristen Ford's Rend and Render album.  This one is perfectly timed for Pride Month with Nashville's Pride Festival coming up this weekend.  

"Eastside" by AJ Hobbs

Also returning to the shuffle for the second day in a row is California country artist AJ Hobbs from his album Too Much is Never Enough. 

"I Ain't the One You Love" by Taj Mahal (with Algia Mae Hinton)

Late in 2016, I was fortunate enough to get a hold of Labor of Love - an album by blues legend Taj Mahal that he made in conjunction with many of the artists associated with the Music Maker Relief Foundation.  I have written often about the important work of the foundation in not only preserving the music and insuring the legacy of roots music pioneers, but also in helping to improve the lives of these amazing artists - many of whom have hit hard times.  This track is a collaboration between Taj Mahal and Algia Mae Hinton - a highly original and inspiring artist who kept music alive in her family through devastatingly hard times.  

"Maybe It's Your Fault" by SeepeopleS

In one of those incredible E2TG connections/coincidences,  I received a copy of HATE by the long running band based in Maine. About the time, I was really digging into and digging the record, Nashville supergroup Smoky White Devils began a residency at The 5 Spot.  In trying to write about that band, I discovered that keyboard player Peter Keys (who is also in Lynyrd Skynyrd was a one time member of Seepeoples), I mentioned this on this blog and the next show, Peter Keys was wearing a SeepeopleS t-shirt.    Anyway, this is a really cool instrumental. 

"Gliding" by Someday

Okay this is getting weird now... Someday are a band from Italy. Their latest album is called This Doesn't Exist (it's stylized but I'm not even attempting that). And for the third time in the last couple of weeks, in looking for what to write about the band, I see that they were in Nashville just a few days ago. It was Friday, and I was hanging with my daughter but still... okay maybe the explanation isn't that weird - maybe the music has been sent to me in anticipation of the upcoming show... or was it... yeah, probably.  Anyway, all that to say, I really dig this music. According to the Google Translation of the band's bio, the core members of the band met in middle school and the beginnings of the band date to the early 2000s.  This is their first full length release and something about fish and a bicycle.. yeah Google Translate has issues... The music is fresh and familiar and original all at the same time.  

"The Game" by Tim Carroll

We close with our last track to feature from It's All Politics by Tim Carroll.  Since I always like to bring shuffles full circle, a couple of weeks ago when I saw Carroll at his weekly show at The 5 Spot, Dylan - the bass player from Blackfoot Gypsies (who started this shuffle) was sitting in on bass with Tim Carroll.  

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