Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Wild Wednesday Morning Shuffle - Dog on my Lap Mix

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The world and this country and many of my fellow humans having getting me down of late. I am trying to remember to find the beauty, to dance in the rain, to fight for the oppressed, to worry less about my own needs and wants, to be kind to strangers and friends alike, to bring light in whatever ways I am able, to find gratitude because I am a really lucky guy, to stop comparing myself to others, to stop worrying about what "they" have, to push myself to make the most of my good fortunes (and their are many), to be a better friend, a better family member, a better citizen, to remember that the best advice I've ever gotten sometimes took me years to fully absorb, to accept my own faults and limitations so that I better accept those in others.  

Okay - we continue shuffling from the New Music playlist... it's still wild enough for me!

"Secret Recipe" by Joe Kidd and Sheila Burke
I need more positive energy in my life, which is why I am so glad I connected with Joe Kidd and Sheila Burke. Their album Everybody Has a Purpose (more than an album - a philosophy and a movement) resonates with words I need to hear.  In the finest folk music tradition. 

"driftin" by Ugggy

More from Ugggy.  This from his STŒND ALŒN (uncollected thots) album - maybe this will be part of the soundtrack to my novel, The Drift...

"One Way Ticket" by Mark Robinson

Live at The 5 Spot is going to be part of my summer soundtrack.  I've been effusive in my praise of Mark Robinson of late - with good reason. Great musician, great guy, and he let's me hangout on the air with his wife every week. 

"Dance With Me (Like You Love Me)" by Alyssia Dominguez

Our first listen and the first of two tracks in today's shuffle from the album Dance With Me.  Alyssia Dominguez is a country music artist based in Wisconsin with roots in Tejano music.  Got this through friend, and I was very impressed.  Check her out. 

"The Bay" by Luxury Mane

I don't live anywhere near the coast, so when the title of this song came up, my first thought was "open the pod BAY doors" kind of Bay... Luxury Mane are from Florida... they have another kind of Bay down there. Our second to the last track to feature from Lux Runnin' Out. 

"w h o R U?" by Ugggy

More Ugggy - this from his most recent T H E G H O S T E P.  w h o R U Ugggy?  Ugggy is 1/2 of Valued Customer who were the E2TG Band of the Year in 2016 and long time favorites of mine. Listen for their (out of print) cover of the Pokemon Theme coming to a Nashville radio station near you soon... 

"Garrison's Trip (Part II)" by The Vondrukes

More from On This Ride Together by St. Louis' The Vondrukes.  This is part of two of their song cycle about a very interesting rafting trip...

"Softly and Tenderly" by Clint Morgan

Our second to the last track to feature from Scofflaw.  Much of the album is about crime and violence - this is a moving gospel number.  

"We've Got Us" by Alyssia Dominguez

And we round out the shuffle with a second track from the album Dance with Me.  

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