Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Wild Wednesday Morning Shuffle - Joan Jett is a Goddess Mix

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I'm back - I was a bit under the weather yesterday... "under the weather" -what does that even mean? I was sick.

Today - I am overwhelmed by all of the hate and negativity in the world and in this country.  I am vowing not to read any more comment threads about anything remotely political for at least the rest of the day... why do I do this to myself?

My solution for today is to share music I love and to send out (to the best of my ability) love and light to all.

Yesterday was the one year anniversary of the Pulse nightclub shooting and this is Pride Month.  So I send out special love and light to everyone who needs it... in the words of Wild Ponies - "Love is not a sin."

A reminder:  Music City Roots tonight features not one but two veterans of E2TG Anniversary shows... look for Adrian + Meredith and The Mark Robinson Band joining a great lineup.  You can listen on-line if you can't make it to Franklin.

Now for a Wild Wednesday Shuffle!

"Down to the Well" by Kevin Gordon

We start things off with Nashville's own Kevin Gordon - and perhaps his best known song.  It was the title track from his 2005 album.  He is joined here by fellow Louisiana native Lucinda Williams. 

"Rolling Along" by The Mavericks

The Mavericks brand new album is called Brand New Day.  It was released earlier this year.  This is the opening song from that album.  The Mavericks lineup now includes Jerry Dale McFadden who I first remember for his 1980s S/M-country song, "Country Beats the Hell Out of Me".

"Ann" by The Stooges

Keeping it wild on a Wednesday - we have a track from the 1969 self-titled debut album by The Stooges. 

"Chick Singer, Badass Rockin'" by Ray Wylie Hubbard

Next up, we have Ray Wylie Hubbard with a track from his 2015 album The Ruffian's Misfortune.  This track features Carson McHone on vocals.

"The Last Days of Rome" by Jason P. Krug

How about a visit to the shuffle from E2TG Artist of the Year (2016) - Jason P. Krug and a track from his album The Zen of Losing.  Yeah... a timely song. 

"Back in Business" by Beverly "Guitar" Watkins

Georgia blues guitar legend - Beverly "Guitar" Watkins has been making music since 1959.  This track comes to us via The Music Maker Relief Foundation.  

"Darkest Eyes" by The Defeated County

And, we close things out with a track from Bar Tabs and Baby Names by this St. Louis band.  The album/band has been one of my favorite "discoveries" of  the last couple of years. 

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