Friday, July 7, 2017

Featured Friday Morning Shuffle - Five More Minutes Mix

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Well what the heck! It's Friday!

Next week, we will get back to the regular schedule for E2TG:

Monday - Music City Monday featuring all music connected to Nashville. Old stuff, new stuff, loose connections, maybe some connections that exist only in my head...

Tuesday - Trending Tuesday featuring songs from the "New Music" playlist.  Mostly music submitted to me - occasionally a cool newish release that I just want to highlight.  "New" is relative - although I will be occasionally taking out lingering songs that are over a year old. That being said, if it's relatively new and new to me, I will also add stuff a year or so old (or older in special cases). It is what it is okay?

Wednesday - Wild Wednesday - we go hog wild and shuffle up all the songs stored by my device. New, old, really old, well-known, obscure, weird, normal - it's all possible.

Thursday - Topical Thursday - we shuffle off a of pre-selected "Topic" playlist. For a few months, we had a unexplained topic built around the current events of the world (loosely or tightly connected), since May we have been shuffling up a special E2TG anniversary playlist - featuring one song each from 250 or so artists who have been featured in some way over the six years of our existence as a blog. This topic will continue until it changes.

Friday - Featured Friday (see Trending Tuesday - it's the same thing).

So today is Featured Friday and we have a pretty cool shuffle so let's go!

"House of the Lord" by Jefferson Ross

Two weeks ago, we premiered "Isle of Hope" from Jefferson Ross's new album Live at Hillbilly Haiku.  The album was recorded at a house show near Nashville and was produced by Thomm Jutz.  Jefferson Ross used to live in Nashville (did for many years) and is now a living in Georgia. This is our second listen - and first official "shuffle" appearance from that album. 

"Tire Swing" by Dylan Galvin

Next up, we have another track from Remember to Play (which contains the title phrase) by singer-songwriter Dylan Galvin who is from Maryland.  The song (and to a great extent) the album digs deep into the subject of childhood and growing older (slightly older in his case :-) )  I really love this song which brought up a lot of memories of hours spent on the swing set in our backyard. 

"The Birds" by Darryl Purpose

The song that also features the album title phrase (Still the Birds) from Colorado singer-songwriter Darryl Purpose.  I absolutely fell in love with this album and Purpose's voice when I got this last year. This happens to be the last song for us to feature from this album. 

"Encore/Not the Thunder" by Jefferson Ross

One more from Live at Hillbilly Haiku. This is the encore and final song from that album.  Another moving song about strength through peace which is an idea underappreciated in our society (in my opinion). 

"Don't Let the Dreamers Die" by This Frontier Needs Heroes

Real Job is the name of the most recent release from (relatively new) Nashville band, This Frontier Needs Heroes.  I believe this album came out late last year, but I just heard it this year, and it is one of my favorites lately. 

"Dustwun" by Black Severn

Sticking out a bit like a sore thumb in this shuffle - but wonderfully highlighting the diversity of what we do here at E2TG, we have cool track from psychedelic blues noir band from Bristol (UK not the "Birthplace of Country Music") and their latest release Wild Interior.
"Dressed in White" by Jared Tyler

And we close things out today and this week with a track from Dirt of Your Hands by Jared Tyler. This is a Malcolm Holcombe song (one of two on the album - if I am not mistaken since I am going from my shaky memory).  A gorgeous song from another of my favorite albums so far this year.

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