Friday, July 21, 2017

Featured Friday Morning Shuffle - Me in the Corner Mix

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Well, it is Friday! Finally!  We are in the midst of a horrible heat wave here in Nashville. And between that and life and world things, I am zapped.  But, hey it is Friday, and I still have music...

On Friday, we feature songs from our New Music playlist.  Let's jump in!

"Stories" by Jefferson Ross

We begin with another great track from Live at Hillbilly Haiku.  Been digging this album.  This is the second to the last track on the album and includes the introduction to the last track, "Not the Thunder" which we have already featured. 

"Never Gonna be the Same" by This Frontier Needs Heroes

This world needs musicians/songwriters/artists who speak truth.  This Frontier Needs Heroes speaks the truth that needs to be spoken.  Happy to have two songs in the shuffle from their latest album Real Job. This is the first.

"This Morning" by Jean Synodinos

Next up, another gorgeous track from Austin based singer-songwriter Jean Synodinos from her album love and blood.  Synodinos is also a visual artist and is active in her community. 

"El Camino" by Kristen Ford

This track comes from Kristen Ford's album Rend and Render.  I dig what she is putting down.  So, my story here is that for many years a friend of mine and I have had an on-going "obsession?" with the truck/car hybrid produced by Chevrolet between 1959 and 1960 and 1964 -1987.  In particular, we noticed an extraordinary number of appearances by the vehicle in notable (and not so notable films).  I had a list at one time. Anyway, none of that has anything to do with the song... which is awesome by the way (even if you do not have an El Camino obsession).

"Losing My Religion" by Applewood Road

One thing about writing just a little bit about so much different music every day is that it can be a challenge not to overuse certain words or write the same thing over and over. So, forgive me if what I am about to say fits either one or both of those categories. This cover of the R.E.M. classic is stunning.  Amber Rubarth, Emily Barker, and Amy Speace bring incredible harmonies and vocals that add depth to what is by no means a shallow song. 

"Everyone's in My Dreams" by This Frontier Needs Heroes

Our second track of the day from This Frontier Needs Heroes. I am so glad that they are now local to Nashville. 

"Spun" by The Transcendents

Next up, we have our friends of Christchurch New Zealand with a track from The Sun is Still Asleep EP.  Their most recent release is called Dirt Songs - we have been featuring that album for a few months.  Such an original band. making unique yet accessible (in their own way) albums.

"Lately (Encore)" by Ugggy (prod. P.C.K)

And we close out the day and the week with more from Ugggy! This time produced by his Valued Customer bandmate P.C.K. - Pat Power). This track is the last track on The Divided Tape which goes back to March 1 (the first of what are so far, 5 releases for 2017. 

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