Monday, July 10, 2017

Music City Monday Morning Shuffle - Not Afraid Anymore Mix

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It is so easy to become overcome with cynicism. Truth be told, it's never been that hard for me, but nowadays, it is a real struggle. The problem with cynicism is that while it may "feel" good, it actually does not accomplish anything. I used to think that cynicism and idealism were opposites. Like you start off idealistic and over time become cynical or something like that, but I don't think that is the case at all.  I still consider myself an idealist, though, I can certainly be cynical at times.  I also do not think idealism and naiveté are the same thing at all.  I call myself an idealist, because I can envision the world/ a world when things work as I think they should. If I an naive, then I imagine that my vision of a "perfect" world is the only true vision and/or I expect that the world will work the way I think it should.  I know perfectly well that both of those are not true.  My vision (even if possible) would mostly like not work the way I think it would or would at least fall short of perfection.  And, I am fully aware that the world will never completely fall in line with my vision.

Cynicism is coming to this realization and giving up.  Hope or faith if you will, is to continue to fight for the ideal even while knowing that ultimately you are going to fall short.

It is Monday, and this Monday marks the triumphant return of Music City Monday to E2TG - where we sample of small sample of the variety of music that has and does emanate from Nashville, Tennessee - or at least has a connection to this fair city that I call home.

For Music City Monday - we have new music, old music, featured artists, big names, E2TG friends and favorites and more....

Let's Shuffle!

"This Disguise" by Mike Cullison

We begin this shuffle with the Roadhouse Rambler himself, Mike Cullison from his album Front Porch Philosophy.  You may recall that this album was produced under the direction of Mark Robinson by students and The Art Institute in Nashville. 

"I'm Not Afraid Anymore" by Applewood Road

The first of two songs in the shuffle featuring the gorgeous vocal harmonies of Amber Rubarth, Emily Barker, and Amy Speace. Amy Speace and Amber Rubarth are based in Nashville and the album was recorded at Welcome to 1979.  The album features musical accompaniment from Aaron Lee Tasjan, Telisha Williams, Fats Kaplin, and more.

"Insureda" by Rayvon Pettis

As we eagerly await the release of Rayvon Pettis' most excellent Dying Light album, we have a couple of tracks from his album Insureda including right here, the title track.  Rayvon Pettis moved to Nashville a few year back and is a shining star among the long list of talented Nashville songwriters.  He brings a unique perspective, a sharp sense of song, and a truly original voice to his songs.  This album features the work of another relatively recent transplant Anna Joy Harris - who is also a talented songwriter as well as being a kick ass violin/fiddle player. 

"The Skirt" by Lori Kelley

Lori Kelley has been a friend and an E2TG favorite for a long time. She writes wonderful songs. Thinking about Rayvon, Anna, and Lori in the context of "new" versus "old" Nashville.  If these talented folks are the reward for putting up with some of the undesirable changes to our city, then I for one am more than willing to accept that.  My hope is that we can continue to find the right balance. This song is from Kelley's album More.  

"Wild Eyed Daughter" by Rayvon Pettis

Our second from Rayvon Pettis.  In a recent interview with Gina Frary Bacon on Nashville U, Pettis said that most of his songs are made up. As far as I know, he doesn't have a daughter, but in the true story-teller way - he writes with honesty and authenticity that makes every song feel real. 

"I Have a Photograph" by Julie Christensen

In the fast-paced growth of Nashville, Julie Christensen is essentially an old-timer when it comes to Nashville, but of course, she had long careers in music before moving here.  This is a track from one of her pre-Nashville albums the most excellent Soul Driver. 

"Just Like Before" by Shadow 15

I don't suppose any of gave much thought back in the 1980s, that the underground rock scene would one day be considered "old" Nashville. It's funny how often in recent years the bands from those days have come back into my consciousness and even into my present. Shadow 15 had an infectious punk sound and spirit. The compilation Far Away has provided a great opportunity for me to rediscover this great band from my younger days and a way to dig deeper into their music than I could back in those days.  Today happens to the birthday of Scott Feinstein one of the founders of Shadow 15 - so Happy Birthday.  The video is for a different song and was part of a pilot for a community access show. It was filmed at Roosters - one of my favorite clubs from back then. Roosters was in the Cannery complex - I think where the Hi Watt is now. (though the set up was different - and I might be wrong) 

"Give Me Love" by Applewood Road

We close things out with our second song from Applewood Road - with a great video to accompany it.  Man oh man, those voices!

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