Thursday, July 20, 2017

Topical Thursday Morning Shuffle - Super Mercado Mix

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An enjoyable evening of music last night.  Headed over to the west side to catch Conrad Y Skordalia, Sergio Webb, and Maynard and the Musties.   All wonderful - with many shared players.

It's Thursday.... we continue to dive into the E2TG archives for old and new songs from the six year history of E2TG.  As I have said, I went through my entire music collection and selected one song for each artist that I consider a part of the history of E2TG (i.e. I featured, presented, whatever). Let's just dive in...

"rocketship park" by KATO (ft. Karli Halberg)

I got introduced to the music of L.A. hip hop artist KATO through an e-mail from video director Owen Schwartzbard who produced a video for one of the songs from KATO's album A Summer in Space Beach. I could not find a You Tube video for KATO, so I have embedded the vimeo video directed by Schwartzbard for a different song from the album.

"Nolensville" by Crackerboots

Next up, a musical tour down one of Nashville's most interest streets from Crackerboots - the musical collaboration between Luella and Bill DeMain - usually accompanied by some o f the finest musicians in Nashville. 

"Tear Up the Honky Tonk" by Suzette Lawrence and the Neon Angels

Fiery honky tonk rocker - Suzette Lawrence is based in Nashville by way of Los Angeles. This is the title track from her latest album.

"Fragmented World" by Split Single

Split Single is a indie rock band primary member Jason Narducy who has played with Superchunk, Bob Mould, Robert Pollard and more. They are based in Illinois. 

"Kevin's Song" by Brian Milligram

Next, we have Nashville by way of New York State singer-songwriter Brian Milligram. He brings a diy, punk spirit to folk music.

"Tennessee Whiskey and Me" by Jenny Leigh

I met Jenny Leigh at The Basement when I was at a New Faces Night to see Miss Shevaughn and Yuma Wray - she had just moved to Nashville.  I got a download card when I met her.  From all I can see, she is doing really well for herself here. 

"Everybody Move" by The Renaldo The Ensemble

This New York based performance art band came to my attention a few years ago.  They took a hiatus and have reemerged as Jazz Bastards. One of the more interesting groups I have met through writing E2TG.

"Above the Trees" by McNary

Weird coincidences abound in the history of E2TG.  The longish version... near the beginning of E2TG I wrote about The Redding Brothers.  Later, through the manager of Gabriel Redding (who I also featured solo), I was introduced to the music of Tim McNary who I wrote about.  Fast forward a couple of years, and I am in the basement at Jon Latham's house for his birthday.  And this guy leaves and somebody says, McNary. And I realize it was him.  I eventually did meet him.  This is the title track to his album which came out last year - I think.

"Company Man" by Zach Schmidt

Darrin Bradbury was the first person to tell me to check out Zach Schmidt. I am glad I listened.  He is one of the bright lights of a burgeoning East Nashville music community.  This may be my favorite track from his debut album The Day We Lost the War. 

KATO / Glow in the Dark from Owen Schwartzbard on Vimeo.

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