Thursday, July 6, 2017

Trending Thursday Morning Shuffle - Which Way to Jump Mix

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To me the biggest danger to as the weeks and months go by, is that the insanity that we are seeing will begin to seem "normal".  It is human nature, I think, to survive regardless of the circumstances. And sometimes to survive it becomes necessary to accept the unacceptable on some level just to make it through the day.  The fact is (I must repeatedly remind myself of this) that there is so much about the current administration that is not normal, is not "okay". From the fact that white supremacists still have a seat at the table of power, to the attacks on the press, to the attacks on science... it is not normal, it is not okay.

We have reached Thursday... and we continue to work our way through the "New Music" playlist.  Let's jump to it!

"Gwendolyn" by Jared Tyler

We begin with another track from Jared Tyler's Dirt on Your Hands.  I am really digging this album, and I like this song a bunch. 

"Shortnin' Bread" by Taj Mahal with Neal Pattman

From Labor of Love - the collaboration between Taj Mahal and the Music Makers Relief Foundation.  This track features Neal Pattman, a blues harmonica play who lost an arm at age 9 in a wagon wheel, but never let that slow him down.  

"Visa från Utanmyra" by Jon Magnusson

Our friend from Sweden, Jon Magnusson is back in the shuffle with a track from his EP Psalms for Sinners.  This one is a traditional Swedish melody, and a lovely song. 

"martyrdung" by Ugggy

From his May release - STŒND ALŒN (uncollected thots) - more of Ugggy being Ugggy - which is just fine by me. 

"Doing Things" by Bee Taylor

Nashville's own Bee Taylor is up next with her song "Doing Things".  I really dig her music.  She has an upcoming residency at the new Radio Cafe that sounds pretty intriguing. Definitely on my favorite - fairly recent "discoveries".

""how'd that chorus go" interlude" by Ugggy

A brief - silly - interlude from Ugggy off that same album STŒND ALŒN (uncollected thots).

"Alone" by Langen Neubacher

Our first listen to the upcoming solo release by Langen Neubacher who we first met through her band The Defeated County. Alone - the album is a departure from the band's music, but I am really enjoying it so far. 

"Seed Your Dreams" by The Suitcase Junket

More from the album Pile Driver.  One of my faves of this year so far. 

"If I Was a Wheel" by Mike Younger

Next up, we have another listen to the forthcoming album Little Folks Like You and Me by Nashville's Mike Younger. This is another album, I am so excited to get the chance to preview and write about.  

"Creature of the Night" by Fangs and Twang

We have another track from High Fives All Around - the recent album by Michigan's Fangs and Twang who combine country music with monsters in the most wonderful way. 

"Italian Shuffle/Flip, Flop and Fly" by Corky Siegel's Chamber Blues

Closing things out with some Chamber Blues.  Blues and classical music may not be something that I ever thought about putting together, but Corky Siegel thought of it, and he has carved out a wonder and original niche for himself and the talented folks which whom he works. 

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