Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Tuesday Morning Music Shuffle - Sun Blown Mix

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Hmm... I'm just not feeling like a commentary today... maybe it's the heat. Maybe it's just life... whatever... ah more time for the music... music is a constant for me.  Hot, cold, good moods, bad moods... music is a balm, it makes me think sometimes, it makes me dance sometimes, it makes me nostalgic sometimes...

Today is Tuesday so we dive into the "New Music" playlist for our Trending Tuesday Shuffle....

"Sun Blown" by Kristin Hersh

Been really enjoying Kristin Hersh's album Wyatt at the Coyote Palace. Fortunately, it is a double album so lots of songs to enjoy.  This  is first of two today. The album was released last year, I think but it was reissued on vinyl this year which is when I was fortunate enough to get a chance to present it to you. 

"We Dream" by Ugggy

If you don't know who Ugggy is by now, welcome to E2TG and meet Ugggy. He is from Toronto and is 1/2 of the band Valued Customer. Valued Customer was my Band of the Year for 2016, and to celebrate* Ugggy has been releasing a new album on the first of every month since March.  This track is from his April 1 release The Harvest Beet Tape. Oh and Ugggy is on Instagram now!  *I am just making a wild assumption that he is releasing these albums to celebrate VC being Band of the Year... :-)

"A Cup of Rain" by Don Gallardo

Nashville's own Don Gallardo has a new album coming soon, a live album which was recorded at a most excellent 3rd and Lindsley show awhile back, and he has been touring all over the UK.  Looking forward to seeing him back in Nashville soon! 

"Home Fires" by Applewood Road

Next up, we have another track from the awesome Applewood Road album.  The harmonies on this album are among the best ever - I think.  Three talented performers joining forces and it all comes together like a charm.  Recorded here in Nashville - single mic, analog. Cool stuff.  Amy Speace, Emily Barker, and Amber Rubarth.

"Christmas Underground" by Kristin Hersh

It's Christmas in July!  Our second track from Kristin Hersh.  A very evocative song. I like it in any season. 

"Honey on the Blade" by Black Severn

Next up, we have our pals from Bristol from their latest album Wild Interior which came out in April.  I did everything these guys do. 

"Growing Pains" by My Favourite Things

Next up, we have another track from Brooklyn based My Favourite Things and their brand new album Fly I Will, Because I Can.  As far as I know this song has nothing to do with Kirk Cameron or the late Alan Thicke. But I could be wrong. 

"Love is Gonna Get Ya" by The Maxx

Injecting some Hotlanta 70s-style funk and soul into the shuffle, we have a track from Funk Box by The Maxx.  I am digging these grooves.

"Friday, Sunday's Coming" by Tim O'Brien

We close out the shuffle with Tim O'Brien with a inspirational song from his album Where the River Meets the Road.  The song was written by John Lilly and included on his 2007 album Haunted Honky Tonk.  Lilly is from West Virginia as is O'Brien who made the album as a tribute to his home state. 

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