Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Wild New Music Wednesday Morning Shuffle - No Ticket Mix

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Alright, I am back after the Fourth of July holiday.  Back to the reality that the United States of America is deeply divided. This divide did not start with the election of the current resident of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, but it has gotten worse. The thing is, I don't think "united" is the context of the USA means that everyone agrees... the fact is there is a deep and fundamental disconnect between Americans as to how we see the world. Is this the fault of the media or the two party system or the information age?  Probably.  What is the solution? I don't have a clue. The saying goes united we stand, divided we fall.  Many, myself, included, wonder how far the current administration needs to go before the vast majority of Americans will say enough is enough and at least be united on that front?  Does such a threshold exist?  The pessimist in me, says if that mark has not yet been made, then it may not be made.

So...  for my part, just for today, I am choosing love over fear.  I am going to fight as hard as I can for the most vulnerable among us. I am going to #Resist and #Persist for as long as I must - for as long as I breathe.

As promised, we are continuing to shuffle from the "New Music" playlist.  Wednesday's are normally "Wild Wednesdays" on E2TG, and I think this shuffle is sufficiently "Wild" to qualify.

"Stay a Little While" by My Favourite Things

Despite the British spelling, My Favourite Things are a Brooklyn based indie band.  This is our first listen, and a track from their forthcoming (July 14) album Fly I will, because I can.   I dig this tune, and look forward to spinning more from this album. 

"One Man Walking" by Nathan Bell

If there an up side to the current political mess, it is the return of music as a voice for change and resistance.  I am thinking of the forthcoming Songs of Love and Protest being released by Cafe Rooster Records, and I am thinking of Love>Fear: 48 Hours in Traitorland by Nathan Bell. It's all too easy to look away from things that are difficult to see, but it is often imperative that we hold the gaze and deal with our sense of discomfort. 

"Forgotten" by Someday

Italian band Someday are up next with another track from their album This Doesn't Exist. Been digging this album of late. 

"Never Was a Dancer" by Mike Younger

Next, we have another track from the forthcoming (July 21) album Little Folks Like You and Me by Nashville singer-songwriter Mike Younger. His CD Release show is scheduled for the 21st at The Family Wash. I am really liking his voice and the songs on the record. 

"People Get Ready" by John Paul Daniel

Next, we have a track (our final to feature) from All is Well, but Kingston Springs singer-songwriter John Paul Daniel. This is a cover of the well-known song written by Curtis Mayfield and first recorded by The Impressions in 1965.

"Love is a Verb" by Lesley Kernochan

Next, we have California singer-songwriter Lesley Kernochan with another track from her current album A Calm Sun.  This one follows a relationship through various stages and is a good reminder that love is a verb. More specifically it is an action verb. 

"My Love Grows" by Applewood Road

Speaking of love...  we have our second listen to the forthcoming Applewood Road album.  Applewood Road - as I previously mentioned is Emily Barker, Amy Speace, and Amber Rubarth.  It features stunning three-part harmonies that were recorded to a single microphone in analogue at Welcome to 1979 in Nashville. This is on track to be one of my favorite albums of the year. 

"Carbon Copy (Rhoda's Song)" by Carol and Dale

And we close out this shuffle with another gorgeous song from Carol and Dale of Franklin, Tennessee off of their album Be Here Now. 

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