Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Wild Wednesday Morning Shuffle - Pass a Good Time Mix

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Okay - just a few short observations before we jump into the Wild Wednesday Shuffle...

1. If T-Rump were standing over a dead body holding a literal smoking gun, he would tweet that this fact proves he is innocent and his base would believe him, and the GOP leadership would say something like, "we just don't know".  Then again, I think he would - as he stated - shoot someone on 5th Avenue and would not lose a vote.

2.  I made the mistake of reading the comment thread on a couple of Facebook posts yesterday (one was political and the other was not). OH MY GOD!  The things people say to other people who happen to hold a difference of opinion - in some cases people they do not know... As a slightly socially awkward guy who likes expressing himself through the written word, social media has been a godsend.  Hell, E2TG would not exist without Facebook and Twitter. But, we do need to recognize that there is a very dark side to this technology.  To quote Allen Thompson Band, "People Are Assholes", and some of them like to prove this all over the comment section of other peoples posts. I have friends who seem to enjoy getting into "Flame Wars" with strangers on-line. To each his own, I guess, but when you look at the divisions that exist... it's easy to recognize that way differences of opinion are handled on-line is at least a symptom if not a contributing factor to the divide we face. As I said, one of the posts was a non-political post about something that happened near Nashville. Someone expressed an opinion that ran counter to the general thread of comments. I didn't necessarily agree with the opinion, but it was stated (in my opinion) in an even-handed manner. What followed was a nasty string of posts that included name-calling, inflammatory language, and personal insults not in any way related to the thread or the original comment.  I regretted reading the thread, but I could not look away.

3.  Finally, I have come to the conclusion that in recent years, I have come to accept some basic truths about myself. Not to discount the ability or value of changing bad habits or learning to overcome things that limit our ability to do the things we want to do, but there is tremendous value in just admitting to some core truths about ourselves even when those truths are unpleasant or undesirable or not highly regarded by society has a whole.  For me, one of the most superficial and benign examples of this has been my ability to accept my goofiness. Not to say, I ever did a good job of hiding it, but I think for some time, in some situations, I tried to act a certain way - maybe more serious or something. More to the point, I have always had difficulty smiling on demand for photographs. I kind of have the Candler of Friends smile thing going on.  Recently, I have started employing this big open-mouth goofy smile. It's silly but its better then the non-smile, scowl that used to be my stock in trade.

Okay!  It is Wednesday!  Today marks the return of "True" Wild Wednesday after a few weeks of focusing on the "new music" playlist.  On "Wild Wednesday", we shuffle from all the songs on my phone  and see what comes up!

"Listen Like Thieves" by INXS

First up, we have INXS from their 5th Studio album - this is the title track and third single. 

"747" by Matthew Skoller

Next, we have a track from Blues Immigrant by Chicago bluesman Matthew Skoller. 

"Nothing Else" by Livingmore

Livingmore is a California band that features  Spencer Livingston and Alex Moore. Livingston was a member of The Alternates - a California band that was one of the first acts I featured on E2TG back in the day.  He is also the son of Barry Livingston who played the son I could most identify with on My Three Sons.  Livingmore have been making music for a few years, and they play often around Los Angeles. 

"Two Kegs in the Swimming Pool" by Mike Kelly

A fun song from this Austin, Texas based artist from his 2010 album Wake the Dead.  I honestly don't remember when and how I came to have this song, but I dig it.

"Bayou Tortous" by James McMurtry

Sticking with Texas, we next have a track frim McMurtry's 2008 album Just Us Kids.  You may recall that E2TG 2014 Artist of the Year, Darrin Bradbury opened for McMurtry at last year's Americana Fest. 

"Purple Caps" by Ugggy (prod. PCK)

Going back a year, we have our final track to feature from Ugggy's release called Legends of the SmoKe. The track was produced by Ugggy's Valued Customer partner Pat Power (aka PCK).

"Intro" by Corey Ledet and His Zydeco Band

Always fun when an "intro" shows up in the middle of a shuffle. The  funky opening track from Standing on Faith by this Grammy nominated artist from Louisiana. 

"Don't Force the Funk" by Wheelchair Sports Camp

Our second hip-hop track in the shuffle today. This one is by the Colorado band features Kalyn as MC and provider of beats. I got really into this band a few years back, and it's good to check in with them.

"Traveling Light" by Leonard Cohen

And we close the shuffle with the late, great Leonard Cohen with a track from his final album You Want it Darker.  This track features music written by Cohen's son Adam along with Patrick Leonard.

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