Monday, August 14, 2017

Music City Monday Morning Shuffle - For Heather Mix

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Well, it sure is good to be back....

Like many people, my uneasy mind is centered on the events that occurred in Charlottesville, Virginia over the weekend.  I am sickened and saddened by so much. The senseless violence, the hate, the tepid response of the President... so much.  Denouncing Nazis and White Supremacists should be something that most Americans can agree upon and unite around, but it appears that is not the case. So many on the Right echo the response of the President and deflect with false equivalency or blame Obama (apparently for daring to be black and President for eight years).  Are there hate groups that are not Nazi's and White Supremacists? Sure. But that is not the topic today. As I have been saying on a regular basis since January, the current administration has placed people who hold the same views as those who lead the protests in Virginia into positions of power within the government.  Those people support this current President and believe they have his tacit approval for their actions. They seem to be correct. While I am happy that some Republican leaders are opening critical of the President's initial response (for the record, I am aware that he made some sort of speech today, but I have not had a chance to hear or read his words), but until and unless they use their positions to deal with this existential threat to our country and way of life, they are complicit in what is happening.

I do not have many solutions today. Except, I know I must speak out against fascism in any way I can, that I must work to free myself from the power of hate and fear, and that I must try my best to be a force for good in the world.

As I often write, there are many complex issues facing this country and this world. For many of this issues there is room and indeed benefit from health debate and compromise... fighting and speaking out against fascism and white supremacy is not one of this issues. A lot of good people in Germany in the 1930s remained silent. They did not actively support Hitler and the Nazis, but in their unwillingness to speak up and fight against that evil, they were complicit. I will not be complicit with the dark forces at work in our nation today.

I offer music as the only thing I know to help right now... This is for Heather Heyer.  If we allow the Nazi's to win, here name will be just the first of many victims. We cannot and must not let that happen...

I am glad to be back, and I really needed the break on many different levels.  In clearing my head, I have a vision for E2TG going forward that I will work very hard to make real. I have given much thought and I think it is important that E2TG be what is supposed to be.  My goal is simply to do my part to help connect music with music lovers. I do so primarily through the use of my morning shuffles. I will occasionally do other types of posts, but that is not primarily what I do. I need to keep my focus and keep finding new ways to do what I do better. More on this soon.

I was fortunate to get to spend one wonderful day in Athens, Georgia at Athens Popfest. I sure wish I could have stayed longer, but what a day!  I got to see E2TG faves, The Foresters tear things up in their festival set. The band and some friends (including members of Discount Ravioli - who I have also written about - and Atticus Floyd who I have also written about) got to join The Apples in stereo on stage at the Georgia Theater.  The video showed it for the wonderful moment it was.

I also got to see another band we have featured here - The Veldt for North Carolina. Live - the completely blew me away - maybe one of my favorite live performances of the year.

Well, it is Monday and I am now short on time - so let's get to the Music City Monday shuffle....

"I Never Sang for No One But Myself" by Tom Schreck

Always a good sign when the shuffle starts with one of my favorite songwriters... From his debut album, it's the Nashville Outside himself - Tom Schreck. 

"18 Wheels and a Crowbar" by BR5-49

The last actual song to feature from the Live at Robert's album.  (we have two more pleas for tips).  Never a bad day for a good trucking song. 

"Common Song for the Road" by Brian Milligram

Another of my faves.... This song was featured on Double Shot several weeks back.  

"Another Side of This Life" by Gram Parsons

Gram Parsons recorded often in Nashville, and this song - written by Fred Neil (who write "Everybody's Talking" - mentions Nashville).  This is the title to a 2000 compilation of previously unreleased recordings by Parsons. 

"She Suffers the Fool" by Renfree Isaacs

Another great track from one of the more recent additions to the playlist - Renfree Isaacs are based out of Lebanon, Tennessee. 

"Explode (Minecraft Creeper)" by J.R. Wyatt

Also heard on a recent Double Shot - and another of my favorite writers - J.R. Wyatt with a single that is written from the POV of a "Creeper" from the game Minecraft. 

"Factory Brand New" by Sean Quinn and the Tremblers

Ah.... day made- Sean Quinn and the Tremblers are in the shuffle.  Never Meant to Last is definitely high on my list of favorites from this year. 

"Sometime Other Than Now" by John Hiatt

From the classic Slow Turning, long time Nashville legend, John Hiatt.  I kind of consider this a deep cut on the album but man it is still a great song.  

"On My Way" by Tim Easton

And we close things out with another favorite, Tim Easton from his awesome American Fork album.  Check out of the video which features a live performance of this song by Easton and Megan Palmer. 

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