Thursday, August 3, 2017

Topical Thursday Morning Shuffle - Walkin' Blues Mix

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In light of some recent headlines... I need to restate something I have been posting since January... There are still known and avowed white supremacists in positions of great power in the Executive Branch of the United States of America in 2017.  This is the world view that is behind the decisions being made and it is the true undercurrent of the phrase "Make America Great Again".  Please know that the last thing I want to devote time to on E2TG is politics, but I also believe that silence is acceptance - so since I cannot accept this, I must not be silent. #Resist #Persist

On a happier note, I made it out to The 5 Spot last night to check out Lynn Tayloe and The Barflies plus Stuffy Shmitt.      In additional to the Taylor and Shmitt, I had the great opportunity to see some of my favorite players - Sergio Webb, Chris Tench, and Parker Hawkins.  It was another great night of music in Nashville.

Well - it is Thursday - somehow - and that means we post from our current Topical playlist - which continues to be songs covering the 6 year history of E2TG.  Let's shuffle!

"Walk Awhile" by Ashleigh Flynn

I first saw Ashleigh Flynn at The 5 Spot for a $2 Tuesday show.  I think it was that night that I picked up her incredible "A Million Stars" album.  A live, concept album set in the old west.  This is the final track on the album and probably my favorite song on the album. 
"When the Deal Goes Down" by David Olney

I am still over the moon that I got to have David Olney play my residency this past May. He is a true legend and one of the greatest living songwriters.  This is the title track from his 2014 album that was produced by another residency performer and E2TG fave - Mark Robinson. 

"don't know what you have" by The Lies

The Lies were a New Jersey band that I was introduced to a few years ago.  From all indications they are no longer active - no Facebook page and no recent releases. This is from an album called Whatever. Still sounds great. 

"A Year Alone" by Elika

Elika were a New York based electronic/shoegaze band that I featured in the earliest days of the E2TG. They finished in the Top 10 of my Year End Reader's Poll for Band of the Year.  This is from an album called Always the Light which was released in 2012. From all indications the band broke up in 2015.

"She Won't Let Go" by J. Marco

J. Marco is a Nashville-based rock singer-songwriter.  This is from his debut album Myth which came out last year. The follow-up Days of Surrender is due out next month.

"Love is a Battlefield" by Bird by Bird

This Pat Benetar cover is from an EP called Decades which came out in 2011. The EP features 5 songs - one from each of the past five decades (60s, 70s, 80s, 90s, 00s).  Bird by Bird is a recording project featuring Jonathan Devoto previous of the band the Matches.  Devoto went on to me a member of Mr. Kind - a band featuring another early E2TG featured artist Brian Bergeron (which may be how I first introduced to Bird by Bird).

"The Treehouse" by James Roquemore

I saw James Roquemore open for the Patrick Kinsley CD release show a couple of years ago, and I picked up his EP The First.  I was impressed by the strong songwriting, the evocative lyrics, and Roquemore's unique vocals. The EP was recorded while he was a student in Florida. 

"Pure Poetry" by Shabbadoo

Shabbadoo is a Memphis band formed by Joey Pegram (who is from my hometown and was a couple of years behind me in school and part of the same loose group of friends).  Pegram has been living in Asia for the past several years, but periodically releases music under the Shabbadoo name. The video I found is not Shabbadoo, but it is Joey Pegram with a song recorded for a project to help the victims of the Bowling Green Massacre. 

"Richland Woman" by Megan Palmer

Over the last couple of years, Megan Palmer has become one of my favorite songwriters and one of my favorite people. This one is from her Take You Away album which will be 10 years old this coming November. This song is one of my favorites to hear Palmer perform live. 

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