Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Trending Tuesday Morning Shuffle - Sour Worms Mix

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As a microcosm of what life is... the last few days have been filled with moments of pure joy while simultaneous grieving for friends and friends of friends who are suffering through unspeakable loss and pain and suffering.  My hearts go out those who are facing some devastating and difficult times. My heart also goes out to those who are experiencing joy and moments of triumph. Life is and will always be filled with both.

I have been trying to ride my current good mood to getting some stuff done that I have put off for too long during some periods of less than good news.  This often puts me at odds with myself - in that when I am in a good mood, I tend to want to get out and see people.  Overall, this is a most excellent "problem" to have and much better than the days when I don't want to do anything at all.

Americana Fest just announced their full line-up.  As it tends to be, the week is kind of like typical Nashville on steroids. Every year, though, the steroids seem to be just a little bit stronger.  The list is a wonderful sampling of friends and heroes, and heroes who have become friends.... It's all less than two months away.

It is Tuesday, and on Tuesday we shuffle out of our "New Music" playlist... and we call it Trending Tuesday - because... well just because...

"Forever and Always" by Alyssia Dominguez

We start things off with another great track from singer/songwriter Alyssia Dominguez. She is based in Wisconsin and her musical roots are steeped in te Tejano tradition.  Her current album is called Dance with Me. 

"voicigns in my hedd" by Ugggy

Next up, we have a delicious soundscape from Ugggy of Valued Customer.  It's a good time to tell you that, Ugggy will be releasing more music today - as he has done on the first of every month since March. 

"Esemerelda" by Renfree Isaacs

Fresh from my inbox to the shuffle... we have our first listen to the forthcoming album from Renfree Isaacs. Renfree Isaacs is a Nashville based trio featuring Dave Isaacs plus Andrea and Ren Renfree. I am really digging this music, and I am looking forward to hearing the rest of the album.

"Surf" by Ugggy (prod. P.C.K.)

Let's go surfing now... This second track from Ugggy is off of The Divided Tape which was his first release in this current run of new music (March 2017).  Produced by Ugggy's Valued Customer partner Patrick Power (aka P.C.K.)
"Alone in My Head" by Gloom Balloon

Another first (and later second) listen... this is Gloom Balloon - described as "sad, psychedelic dance party" from their new album Drying the Eyes of the Goddess of Gloom, Underneath the Stars and the Moon which is their second album and due out in one month of September 1.  

"Still" by Oranj Son

Oranj Son are a Psych Punk band from Liverpool. This is their latest release - a nifty little song called "Still.".  

"Sour Worms" by The Danbury Lie

Next up, we have E2TG favorite The Danbury Lie with a track from his November 2016 release called Slow Cooker. 

"I Don't Know" by My Favourite Things

Brooklyn based Indie band My Favourite Things are up next with a another good one from their album Fly I will, Because I can.  

"Saddest Story Ever" by Gloom Balloon

Next up, our second track from Gloom Balloon.  They sure do make being sad, fun. 

"Need a Lil More" by Josh Hyde

And we close out the shuffle with a track from The Call of the Night by Josh Hyde. Hyde is a Louisiana native.  The album was produced by Nashville's Joe V. McMahan and features some great musicians including the one and only Sonny Landreth. 

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