Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Wild Wednesday Morning Shuffle - Wall of Indifference Mix

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While I have been trying to post as much "new music" as possible over the last several weeks, I steadfastly refuse to skip my "Wild Wednesday" shuffle.  Basically it is classic E2TG - where recent music resides next to classics from my collection which reside next to lesser known gems of various vintages....

I always look forward to what the shuffle will pull up, and I am almost never disappointed. Case in point....

"Standing in Your Shadow" by In Pursuit

In Pursuit were the poppier side of Nashville's music community in the 1980s. Formed by Emma Grandillo and Jay Joyce who moved to Nashville in 1983 where they met Jeff Boggs.  The band was the first signed to MTM Records - a relatively short-lived label started by Mary Tyler Moore's husband Grant Tinker. They eventually toured with Mr. Mister and Starship (amd if my memory serves me) with aha. Guitarist Jay Joyce went on to a successful career as a songwriter and producer.  Jay Joyce was also a member of Bedlam and toured as Iodine with Brad Pemberton and the late Chris Feinstein (Shadow 15). 

"Batman" by Bob Schneider

Next up, from Live at the Paramount Theater, Austin Texas songwriter and former Ugly American, Bob Schneider with a humorous song about the caped crusader.  But you can call him Bob. 

"Last Angel" by Gavin Chappell-Bates

Next up, UK singer-songwriter Gavin Chappell-Bates with a lovely track from his album We are Ones which came to us last year.  

"Jennifer" by Tom Schreck

Next up, one of my favorite songs by the inimitable Tom Schreck  - Nasvhille songwriter and Outsider - from his Save Your Glory album.  You probably heard this one recently on Double Shot - because I know you never miss Double Shot.  

"Whole Wide World" by Cage the Elephant

One of the bands that Jay Joyce (see the In Pursuit track above) produced was Cage the Elephant.  This band  formed in Bowling Green, Kentucky and later relocated to the UK. This cover of a Wreckless Eric song was released as a single from their recent live album Unpeeled which came out earlier this year. 

"The One Thing" by INXS

Next up, the first single from the third album, Shabooh Shoobah, by Australian rock band INXS.  The album manged to garner me free tickets to see Elvis Costello at The Ryman a few years back. And I am pretty sure this was the song that was the subject of the trivia question that earned me those tickets. 

"Evergreen Avenue" by Darryl Purpose

Next up, the return of Colorado singer-songwriter Darryl Purpose to the shuffle. His album Still the Birds was one of my top picks from 2016 (and he is an Earie Award winner). This is probably my favorite track from the album, although there are several in contention. 

"Brush with the Wild" by Grandaddy

We close things out with a track from the latest album by California band Grandaddy.  Last Place was released back in March of this year.  Grandaddy features singer-songwriter Jason Lytle .  A great way to end this shuffle. 

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