Thursday, November 16, 2017

Trending Thursday Morning Shuffle - Full Moon Lunatic Mix

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It's Thursday, so we go back to the "New Music" playlist to see what is "Trending" on E2TG!

Let's get to it!

"p a r a n o i a" by Ugggy

We kick off this shuffle with a track from Ugggy's July 2017 release - The Mood Ring EP.  A great way to kick off my day!

"Sunlight" by My Favourite Things

Also from July of this year, we have a track from the album Fly I will, because I can by Brooklyn based My Favourite Things. A really pretty ambient, dream pop song. I've been really enjoying this album. 

"I Feel Love" by Maynard and the Musties
We move on with another track from Nashville Magic by this Nashville via New York band lead by Joe Maynard. 

"Acolytes" by Cellarscape

Man, the shuffle has been digging on Cellarscape and their latest album Exo Echo. Cellarscape is a UK band that is the recording project of Paul Terry who provides all of the instrumentation on the album. 

"Captain of the Crew" by Boris Garcia

Next, a nautical song that features some Mark Twain references.  Boris Garcia are from Philadelphia and their latest album is Around Some Corner. The album was produced by Tim Carbone - the fiddle player in the band Railroad Earth.

"The Tenement Sweep" by The Foresters

Yesterday, the video playlist contained a seven year old interview with The Foresters. Flashforward, and we have a track from their latest album House Stories. This song was released as a three song single a month or so before the album was released.  It really shows off the great indie-pop sound the band has embraced over their last couple of albums. 

"The Orchid Thief" by Ben Arthur

E2TG favorite Ben Arthur just released his latest album, American Castles.  And we have our first listen to it. Arthur is a prolific songwriter who is part of a collaborative songwriting program called Songcraft presents wherein Arthur works with a featured artist to write and record a new song in one day. The video program, Songs of the Road has been nominated for multiple Emmy awards. We have previously featured songs from Arthur's album of "Answer songs" called Call and Response. Like that album, his new one features "answers" to works by many different writers. This one is a response to a book by Susan Orlean.  Excited to dig into this new material! 

"House of Love" by Matt Tanner

Amd we close out our shuffle with a track from the forthcoming self-titled debut album by singer-songwriter Matt Tanner. Matt is from New Jersey, but he recorded his debut album here in Nashville, and me and my DJ partner Sue ran into him, I think at The 5 Spot.  I just recently got hold of this album which is due out in 2018.  I could not find any videos of Matt Tanner - although it is possible I missed some. 

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