Thursday, November 9, 2017

Trending Thursday Morning Shuffle - New Music Player Mix

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First off.... Sturgill Simpson for the win!  If you're not sure why, google Sturgill Simspon CMA17

Went to the Tyler Bryant and The Shakedown CD Release show last night.  I had seen them once a couple of years ago - at a show I covered for No Depression.  Last night's show was impressive. Great performances, great songs, high energy, and engaging.   Thanks Mary!

Well, I ended up downloading a new music player app last night and messed around with it when I should have been sleeping.  So far, it seems like I will like it. Still dealing with the issue of the other music player not deleting songs.  I may have discovered why, though, the songs are all stored on a memory card, and apparently with the OS my phone has - you have to give specific permission to an app to allow it to delete from a memory card. At least with my new player, I got a message explaining this - the other one would just appear to delete the file only to have it reappear like magic.

Long story, a little less long, I have to do some work deleting previously played songs, and until then, there is a good chance some songs will repeat. But it will all work itself out.  The only other drawback I see on this music player is that the "Recently Played" listing is not a chronological list of recently played songs - which I like for compiling my blog post. But, you can scroll back through the songs recently played without it shuffling everything again.  On the plus side, the song info shows up on my car stereo when I play the music through my blue tooth interface!

Enough about the logistics of E2TG, let's get to the music!  By the way, I am off work tomorrow so this is likely the final shuffle of the week.

"Clean Couch" by Someday

We begin with another great tune from the album This Does Not Exist by Italian band Someday. By the way, "clean couch" in Italian is Pulito Divano.

"Mendocino" by Boris Garcia

Next up, we have a track from the album Around Some Corner - by this Philadelphia band that mixes bluegrass with pop and jam band elements. 

"Don't Give Me Those Lines" by Phil Lomac

Next we have a track from Northern Cities Southern Stars by this singer songwriter from North Carolina by way of Chicago by way of Berlin.  I think this is about the second or maybe third song we've featured from this album, and I am really enjoying it.  

"All That I Require" by Radney Foster

I had a couple of repeat songs come up which I caught. I knew this one was a repeat, too, but I felt compelled to just let it play. From the Strange Freedom: Songs of Love and Protest album put out by Cafe Rooster Records.  This song is also included on Foster's most recent album For You to See the Stars.  This song is one of the most brilliant and pointed songs yet about the current political climate of this country.  

"Confederate Jasmine" by Jefferson Ross

Next up, we have another track from Jefferson Ross' Live at Hillbilly Haiku album. The song was first released on his 2015 album Dogwood Cats. 

"What We Where" by Maple and Rye

Nest, we have our second listen to Nothing Poetic - the latest album by this folk-inspired indie-pop music from Sweden. 

"Mildred Wright III" by The Foresters

We close out the shuffle with a track from the brand new album by E2TG faves - The Foresters.  The other day, we had tracks from three different bands connected to or off-shoots of The Foresters.  Today, we have The Foresters themselves. This song - a great pop song - is on House Stories which came out earlier this year. It has been part of the band's repertoire for a while now, and in fact, it was previously recorded by Discount Ravioli on their debut release Robin Schultz and the 21 Prayers.  Eldest Forester - Evan - just recently turned 18 - which is wild because I have been following this band since he was just 13 years old.  

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