Thursday, November 2, 2017

Trending Thursday Morning Shuffle - Bruised Orange Mix

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Kind of a gloomy day in Nashville, and Daylight Savings Time is approaching which means it will get darker earlier. 

The world is pretty dark, too, to be honest, but music is my light, and we have some good stuff today to fight the darkness.

Here's today's shuffle of our "new music" playlist.  "new" as defined by me to fit my intention for this playlist.

"A Sky That Looks Like a Bruise" by Gloom Balloon

This song title reminds me of the Tom House song, "The Sky is the Color of Wow?". A different sentiment to be sure....  I have really, really, really been digging Gloom Balloon, and their album with the long title that I have to copy and paste so I don't screw it up... Drying the Eyes of the Goddess of Gloom, Underneath the Stars and the Moon.

"Road to Nowhere" by Ladies Gun Club

What's better than another track from Ladies Gun Club from their album Take My Love Away?   Not much, to be honest, but how about Ladies Gun Club from their album Take My Love Away doing a cover of a Talking Heads song from their album Little Creatures. Thought so... 

"Plasticine Lies" by Teal Audio

It is real easy (especially if you have been around Nashville for a while) to focus on the negative aspects of the rapid growth of our city. But, undeniably, the plus side of all this growth is the influx of incredibly talented people making all kinds of music.  For me, the hard part is knowing I cannot possibly keep up with it all. As I have in the entire lifespan of E2TG, I rely heavily on randomness, chance encounters, and recommendations. All of that to say, through a series of fortunate events, I found myself in possession of Teal Audio Project by Teal Audio. This is the opening track of that release which features a sample of a Moog synthesizer. (the first of two tracks from that album).

"Belong" by Jon Magnusson

Technically, this is not a "new" song or a "new release" (the video is over six years old), but it was new to me. I have become a big fan of Swedish artist Jon Magnusson, and I have been getting hold of his music whenever I can. The song reminds me a some of the heady days of my younger years.  

"New York City Boy #3" by Low Society

Hey - we have some genuine new music from our friends from Memphis - Low Society with a track from their album Sanctified. 

"nice day" by Pat Power

One of the challenges of writing E2TG every day, is finding ways to talk about the music I hear and love without repeating myself (too much) or overusing certain adjectives or phrases (too much).  So when I tell you that Pat Power is on a whole other (higher) level than most of the (immensely talented) artists I encounter, I hope you know that I am not making that statement lightly.  The strength of Pat Power (of E2TG 2016 Band of the Year - Valued Customer) is many fold. Musically speaking, he is classically trained and versed in a number of different genres and styles.  This is from his original nature ep which came out back in May. It is his first of two releases in 2017.

"I don't wanna come up 4 air" by Ugggy

I've mentioned that Ugggy (Power's Valued Customer partner) has been releasing new music on the first of every month since March.  Yesterday he is released the latest (his ninth in a row). This is a track from his October release called The Oddditorium. Having Ugggy right after Pat Power is the next best thing to having a Valued Customer track in the shuffle. 

"Self Confidence" by Discount Ravioli

Extolling the virtues of self confidence while disagreeing on the the importance/scourge of oranges - always fun to have  Discount Ravioli track in the shuffle. Check out the video playlist for the Batsam theme song.  

"Vortex" (Bonus Track) by Teal Audio

Earlier, we had the opening track from Teal Audio Project. This is the final (bonus) track. A rocking number that I like quite a bit. 

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