Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Trending Tuesday Morning Shuffle - The End? Mix

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Well... it's Tuesday.

Another gloomy kind of day in Nashville. 

By the way, I am officially over the music player that came with my new phone. Songs I delete keep reappearing, tags get messed up, the song information doesn't appear on my car stereo when I'm playing from the music player via blue tooth, and a couple of time the same song has reappeared during a shuffle.  I am going to be trying out some music player apps to find a better option. If you have any suggestions, please let me know.

Not really sure what else I am going to say here, so let's just jump headlong into the shuffle.  Here are some of the songs/artists/albums that are "trending" on E2TG.

"Resurrection Mary" by John Dennis

John Dennis is a Nashville based singer-songwriter that I have recently came to know. This is our first official listen. It is a track from his second album called Second Wind which was recorded in Brentwood and which came out earlier this year.  I like his music a bunch and I hope you will check it out.  

"To Have You By My Side" by Maynard and the Musties
"Sell-by Date" by Maynard and the Musties

This is two-fer is actually the second appearance of Maynard and the Musties on E2TG.  I first became aware of them through Couch by Couchwest. Joe Maynard recently returned to Nashville where he grew up (after spending many years in Brooklyn), and he and his band just released a new album called Nashville Magic which was recorded in the Bomb Shelter in East Nashville. Call it Americana, alt-country, or whatever, this is great music that I am happy to feature on E2TG. 

"The End?" by The Electric Grandmother

E2TG has a long history of featuring husband/wife bands (or couples at least - I don't ever ask to see a marriage licence - I mean it's really none of my business. And I'd gladly feature husband/husband or wife/wife bands if I get the chance - or whatever, none of this was my point - sheesh!)  Anyway, the latest in that illustrious line is The Electric Grandmother, and we have another track - in fact the final track from Cancelled (or is it? Yes, it is).  Perhaps the question mark has something to do with "Cancelled The Motion Picture" which the band has been teasing? Or maybe not. Anyway, I count The Electric Grandmother has one of my favorite "discoveries" on 2017.  They hail from Washington D.C.  
"Lovin' Eyes" by Applewood Road

For the second day in a row, we have a lovely track from the self-titled album by the Super-trio Applewood Road.  Recorded here is Nashville - the trio features Amy Speace, Amber Rubarth, and Emily Barker - whose voices blend together in near-perfection. 

"Ley Lines" by Cellarscape

Next up, we have another track from Exo Echo by UK band Cellarscape - which is primarily a recording project for an artist named Paul Terry. The first live Cellarscape show was in 2003.  I have been digging this album, and I really enjoyed this track this morning.  

"44 Blues" by Eli Cook

We close things out with another track from High Dollar Gospel - the outstanding recent album from Eli Cook.  There is no shortage of people playing blues and blues-based music, but Eli Cook stands among the best - in my opinion.  The songs come from a deep place, and he had done the work to understand the music. 

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