Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Trending Tuesday Morning Shuffle - Keep My Whiskey To Myself Mix

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Well, I'm back after an extended holiday weekend!  I hope everyone is well. The year is winding down. After today, just two more shuffles before December!

The 2017 Earie Awards are coming up soon.  For those new to E2TG, the Earie's are the annual awards that I started a couple of years ago.  It's kind of like the Grammy's or the Emmy's or Oscar's except, I make up categories as I go along and basically give awards to whomever I want (and then stress out over forgetting someone which I inevitably do).

I have been fortunate enough to have been introduced to so much awesome music this year, and I'm feeling unprepared for the Earie's but I will power through.  Each year, the Earie's culminate in the awarding of the Golden Earie awards (Band(s) and/or Artist(s) of the Year - which is a tradition that goes back to the beginning of E2TG).  "The Earie's - they sound kind of strange, but they're really not"

Let's dive right into the shuffle.

"The Four Corners" by Danny Sandock

First up, we have our second listen to Danny Sandock - who is originally from South Bend, Indiana, used to live in Nashville (Madison), and is now based out of Culver City, California. This is a track from his album Breaking New Ground. He is working on a new album - and we have some preview cuts from that coming down the line. Really liked this track!

"Promise Not to Tell" by Lazarus

Next, we have Austin-based Lazarus with a track from his album Rock n Roll Heart. This was his debut album, and it was one of my faves for this year. 

"No More Troubles" by Phil Lomac
"Don't Know What Love Is" by Phil Lomac

Next a Two-fer Tuesday from singer-songwriter Phil Lomac from his album Northern Cities Southern Stars.  Lomac is from Chicago and currently based out of Charlotte, North Carolina.  Another artist I was introduced to in 2017, and another favorite album. 

"Failsafe" by Cellarscape

The shuffle (and my) love affair with Exo Echo from UK band Cellarscape continues. It's a 14 song album, and we have featured 10 tracks now.  Cellarscape is really just one person - IMA-nominated Paul Terry. Cellarscape played their first live show in 2003 and have been releasing music since 2006.  Another favorite of 2017.

"I Keep My Whiskey to Myself (BONUS TRACK)" by Maynard and the Musties

The early version of Nashville Magic - which was recorded at the Bomb Shelter - included a bonus track labeled only as "BONUS TRACK FOR FAMILY AND FRIENDS"  or something like that. From what I could tell no title was given, but based upon the song I'm guessing it something like "I Keep My Whiskey to Myself".  As I said, you can't get this track anymore, but if you see Maynard and the Musties live, you can yell out a request and appear to be hip to this cool song.  

"Keep on Walkin'" by MJ Bishop

We close out the shuffle with a track from Give It Away Again.  The album features Sergio Webb and Peter Hyrka - among the amazing cast of musicians. This is her fourth overall album since 2001, and her first since 2008.  A chance encounter led me to hearing this album, and I'm happy that I did. 

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