Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Trending Tuesday Morning Shuffle - Time is Money or Time is Honey Mix

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I just wrote and erased a really long, convoluted rant about something that I really couldn't articulate well. Suffice it to say, human beings are complicated creatures and interactions between humans can be even more complicated.

That and this: the best music is that music that moves you and inspires you and energizes you and motivates you and brings some semblance of joy to your life. I know what music does that for me, and if another kind of music does that for someone else, than who am I to criticize that.  Granted, I have been known to dog certain artists or styles of music, but I think I was wrong. I may actively hate a certain artist or style of music. I may sound fake or boring or meaningless to me, and that is fine. But if that music means something to someone, if it moves them, inspires them....

Anyway, it is Tuesday (second to the last day of my work week). Time to see what is "Trending" on E2TG

"Dead Swan in the Living Room" by The Electric Grandmother

Nothing like a dead swan in the living room to start out my morning. "Dead Swan in the Living Room" is a track from Cancelled by Washington D.C. based The Electric Greandmother. For sure, one of my favorite "discoveries" of 2017.  The Electric Grandmother will soon be embarking on a brief Dancegiving Tour with Loi Loi.
November 24 Chapel Hill, NC The Cave
November 25 Charleston, SC Tin Roof
November 26 Raleigh, NC Neptune´s

"I Wanna Do Everything With You" by Maynard and the Musties

Hey, for the second day in a row, we have a track from Nashville Magic by Maynard and the Musties. Yesterday, they were singing about sleazy motels and today they are talking about wanting to do everything with you.  Is there a pattern? 

"The West Haven Disc-Rider" by Discount Ravioli

Our journey through Baby Arm Sessions continues with the story of a man who rides around on a disc that is really an egg - or something.  For the video this time, I found a clip of sometimes Discount Ravioli co-conspirator Luke and his mother talking about touring a museum. 

"Strange Bird" by Darrin Bradbury

I am so happy that I ran into Darrin Bradbury last night, and he was talking about beginning to record a new album which will most likely include this song. This is from the recent Cafe Rooster Sessions Vol. 2 compilation.  One of two new DB songs. I am so stoked about the direction his writing is going.  Darrin will be playing Music City Roots a week from Wednesday.  Be there or tune in. The video is a live performance of this song from the Cafe Rooster party at Americana Fest shot by Crystal.  Darrin also made a stop-motion animated video about Strange Bird.  

"Applewood Road" by Applewood Road

Next up, we have the song Applewood Road from the album Applewood Road by the band Applewood Road. It is other-worldly beautiful. The harmonies are heavenly.  

"Knowing She's On Your Mind" by Ladies Gun Club

Next, we have another track from Take My Love Away. Ladies Gun Club sure know how to convey heartbreak in song. They are easily one of my favorite bands going right now. 

"Hart and Hind" by Ben Arthur

Next up, we have another track from Ben Arthur's remarkable new album American Castles. As he did on his previous release, Call and Response, Arthur drew inspiration from and "responded" to various works. This song is based upon  a chapter from Priestdaddy the 2017 memoir by poet and essayist Patricia Lockwood.  You can read more about this collaboration here

"Under the Moon and the Sun" by Gloom Balloon

Gloom Balloon is another band that I really happy I have "discovered" in 2017. Their current album is called Drying the Eyes of the Goddess of Gloom, Underneath the Stars and the Moon.  This is sort of the title track, and it is one of my favorite songs on the album. 

"Buzz" by Pylon Reenactment Society

Have I mentioned how excited I was to get the chance to feature Part Time Punks.  I first became familiar with Pylon - probably either from an R.E.M. interview or from the Athens Ga. Inside/Out film and soundtrack.  They were a pivotal band that helped Athens, Georgia find it's spot on the musical map. R.E.M. and the B-52s found more mainstream success, but Pylon was in many ways the band that mattered in those early days of the "scene".  The band originally existed for just a few years in the late 1970s and early 1980s, but they reformed a few times as their reputation grew. The death of guitarist Randall Bewley in 2009 meant the of Pylon, but vocalist Vanessa Briscoe Hay created Pylon Reenactment Society to carry Pylon's music to a new generation. "Buzz" was originally on the band's 1983 album Chomp. (by the way, the description of Pylon is in my own words based upon my albeit limited knowledge about the Athens Georgia scene - apologizes for any misstatements). 

"Bite Your Tongue" by Cellarscape

Yes, it's another track from Exo/Echo by Cellarscape. I am not sure how many days in a row it's been, but the thing is, this band has such a diverse sound, that there is no danger of my getting tired of hearing them.  I love the urgency of this track. 

"I Don't Wanna Be a Bear" by Discount Ravioli

And we close out the shuffle with yet another track from Baby Arm Sessions. I like this one quite a bit.  By the way, I just got hold of a "lost" Discount Ravioli release - so more Ravioli to come. For the video this time, I found one of nine or ten year old Evan Nork from a school pageant portraying Pablo Picasso. Pablo Picasso never got called an asshole, and neither did nine year old Evan Nork. 

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