Friday, December 1, 2017

Featured Friday Morning Shuffle - Gonna Be Okay Mix

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Well... here we are. It is December!  The 3rd Annual Earie Awards will kick off next week.

Two years ago, I awarded the very first "Earie" Award to Darrin Bradbury. He is about to enter the studio to work on a new album of all new songs. I am excited to hear the results.

A great night of live music in Nashville. I checked out WoodMackFleet (formerly Carpetbaggers 615) at The 5 Spot followed by the one and only Stuffy Schmitt.  After that, I headed across the river to Springwater to see Connor Rand and Matthew Moon performing as Acquired Tastes followed by a rare full band show my Tom Schreck Escapes.  Great seeing some awesome people at both shows.

Well, we have some cool songs fired up in the shuffle, so let's hit it!

"This Kind of Road" by Black Needle Noise (with Kendra Frost)

We start off the morning and the month with another awesome track from the album Lost in Reflections. This one features Kendra Frost offering up some ethereal and beautiful vocals. Frost is 1/2 of the UK duo Kite Base which features two bass players, vocals, and electronic music. I need to check that out. 

"Ignite" by Teal Audio (ft. Jeremy Lipsin)

Keeping an electronic vibe going. This track has come up before. It was one of those that my player failed to delete  (I typically delete tracks from my phone after featuring to prevent repeats), but again, I am not complaining. This is a great track. Teal Audio is based in Nashville now. The Teal Audio Sessions were recorded in a few different cities. 

"Bluedive" by Electric Floor

Another repeat, and yet another electronicish track - synth pop, shoegazey music. Again, I am not complaining about the repeat for those who missed these tracks the first time. 

"Gonna Be Okay" by Lazarus

We move on from the electronic side of things to a little bit of soulful music from Rock N Roll Heart by Austin-based singer-songwriter Lazarus. This is one of my favorite albums of 2017, and this is one of my favorite songs on that album. 

"No Man's Land" by Matt Tanner

Next up, we have the first of two tracks from the forthcoming self-titled debut album my New Jersey based artist Matt Tanner. The album was recorded here in Nashville.  I could not find any videos  (although there a lot of Matt Tanners on You Tube I could not find this one), but I do have an audio sneak-peak from the album that you can check out here:  SONG

"Thank God for Birth Control" by Ali Handal

Next, L.A. singer-songwriter and author Ali Handal makes a compelling case for contraceptives.  From her album That's What She Said.  I really dig this song! 

"Leavin' Arkansas" by MJ Bishop

Next, we have another track from her album Give It Away Again. Another example of a chance encounter leading me to some really fine music that I might otherwise have missed out on. As I've mentioned before, Sergio Webb plays on this album, and I ran into him last night. 

"Josephine" by Matt Tanner

Another track from Matt Tanner's self-titled album which is due out in March of 2018. Coincidentally, this song references the state of Arkansas - as did the MJ Bishop song I just wrote about. 

"Chicago Blues" by The Soul of John Black

We close with our penultimate track to feature from Early in the Moanin'. The Soul of John Black is John Bigham who has an impressive resume - working with some true music legends (Miles Davis, Dr. Dre, Eminem, El DeBarge, and Fishbone).  Another of my faves of this past year, and a name you might be hearing in the coming weeks as I unveil the 2017 Earie Award Winners.  

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