Thursday, December 14, 2017

Trending Thursday Morning Shuffle - Colorful Recipes Mix

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Well, I'm back after being a little under the weather yesterday.

Happy Birthday to the 2014 E2TG Artist of the Year, and the most tagged artist in E2TG history - Darrin Bradbury!

Only 7 more shuffles and 7 more days of the 2017 Earies.  After next Friday, I will be out for the rest of the year, but you can expect the Golden Earie Awards to drop during the week between Christmas and New Year's Day.

Meanwhile, we have another batch of Earie awards that are burning a hole in my pocket (small award or big pocket?).   As always, no nominees - my categories are arbitrary and sometimes silly but the awards are heartfelt.

"Don't Try To Fight It" by David Olney

EARIE ALERT:  To be honest, I've been struggling with what to call this award. To me, David Olney is a living legend. He is the embodiment of the Nashville renegade.  He came to Nashville in the early 1970s and captured the attention of some of the biggest names among those outlaws and renegades who broke with the traditions and conventions on Music Row. Waylon, Kris, Rodney Crowell, John Hiatt, and more. From those days, through the 1980s with his band The X-Rays, all the way up to this May's stunning performance at E2TG's Residency show at the 5 Spot, and this past Saturday's set of Tom Waits' song at the 12th Annual Get Behind the Mule tribute and benefit. He released his latest album, Don't Try to Fight It  - which finds him at the top of his game - and continuing to break new ground. There are so many choices for what to call this award. I'll go with the "Still a Contender" Award. 

"Pink and Green" by Joseph Mooradian

EARIE ALERT:  The first time I saw Joseph Mooradian perform, he was still known as Joey and it was at a "Cafe Night" at church, and he was about sixteen and  probably doing a Damien Jurado cover. I have been following him every since. He released Pink and Green (imagine the ampersand instead of the work - for some reason when I use it in my blog it screws up the html) back in February. It is a great collections of his unique and beautiful songs and distinctive voice. I'm really bummed that I missed seeing him last night at The 5 Spot, but I hope for more opportunities in 2018.  The "Caught in the Trees" Award goes to Joseph Mooradian. 

"Where the River Meets the Road" by Tim O'Brien

EARIE ALERT:  Tim O'Brien has a list of credits that include some of the biggest names in the bluegrass, country, and Americana worlds. This is the title track from his most recent album - and his a tribute to his home state of West Virginia. I am going to give him the "Almost Heaven" award in honor of his home state. 

"Mister Sun Sister Moon" by Sounding Arrow

EARIE ALERT:  Sounding Arrow is the solo project of Scott Kinnebrew of the band Truth and Salvage Co.  The album is called Love is Breathing.  I've decided to name this award after the description on the Facebook page of Sounding Arrow.  So the "Indie AM Gold" award goes to Sounding Arrow.   

"Make Mine a Double" by Eight O'Five Jive

EARIE ALERT:  The "Recipe for Fun" Award goes to Eight O'Five Jive for their album Swing Set - which was probably the first 2017 releases I got. The band has racked up awards and accolades in recent years - including previously winning an Earie. The band is currently on indefinite hiatus, and E2TG wishes Andy and Lee well in their new home. This track is a fun song featuring drink recipes.  

"Bobby Lee" by BLACK SEVERN

EARIE ALERT:  The "Psyche Blues Noir" award for 2017 goes to Bristol (UK) band Black Severn. I have been following their music for a couple of years, and in 2017 they released their album Wild Interior.  I have been captivated by their music which as definitely added something unique and rich to my shuffles. 

"Lightning" by Amilia K. Spicer

EARIE ALERT:  The "Elements and Senses" award for 2017 goes to L.A. singer songwriter Amilia K. Spicer. (Her Facebook Page lists influences as "wood water earth sound light smell taste feel"). There is something refreshingly organic about he most recent album Wow and Flutter. 

"Nothing to Lose" by Joe Goodkin

EARIE ALERT:   The "Recordkeeper" award goes to Chicago singer-songwriter Joe Goodkin. His most recent album is called Record of Loss, and it is a follow-up to his album Record of Life. Every year, thanks to writing this blog, I am introduced to music I might otherwise miss out on.  Joe Goodkin is one of my favorite "discoveries" of 2017.

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