Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Wild Wednesday Morning Shuffle - Mad As Hell Mix

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More Earie "Fun" facts/Info/FAQ (not that anyone has asked questions):

As determined, by me, last year, receiving an Earie during the month of December does not disqualify an artist or band from winning a "Golden Earier" (i.e. Artist or Band of the Year).

Also, I feel an impulse to "save" certain awards until later in the month - for dramatic effect or something, but given the fact that I do this all haphazardly and that I have a very distracted mind, I am choosing to just go ahead and award things as I think about them. (except for the aforementioned "Golden" Earies.

Now, to avoid being any more self-referential, I will move on and award some Earies:

The next category is the "Keep Nashville Cool and Interesting and Original and/or Funny and/or Wild and/or (fill in the blank with a word or phrase that means something good) -  Band" Award goes to... and we have a three way tie!

Microwave Mountain - I had been hearing about this band last year, and I finally got to see them in January during the Buck n Stuff Residency at the Legion. I was happy to jump on the bandwagon. Their debut album can now be streamed on Spotify - so go do that! 

Buck n Stuff - Speaking of... When you look at the credits of the band members - this COUNTRY MUSIC band is most definitely a "SUPERGROUP"  Drummer guy has been playing for the solo tour of one of the members of a legendary group from the American South which is named after an airplane (I think).  Bass Guy - can be found playing bass with tons of cool folks including  on a regular basis as part of the band for an iconic early weekend weekly event at a noted East Nashville venue with a number in it's name, and the Main Guy - is part of band named for a lyric of a song by a band that formed after the disillusion of another band that had an album that gave its name to a magazine.   They may have a live album coming soon that I may or may not have heard already.

The Big Dumb - Sometimes you pick a name quickly without thought and it sticks. That's what happened with Ear to the Ground. I was fortunate enough to witness the birth of The Big Dumb - kind of. I was at a show by a band called The Cult of Javi Jones when mid-set, they decided that they wanted a different name - and decided on The Big Dumb. I don't know if that name had been discussed before hand, but for the sake of the legend, I am going to assume it had not. I just recently got to see them again, and I was completely blown away. The Big Dumb are the backing band for Rayvon Pettis who is having his CD release show tomorrow night at Dee's, and that is a cool thing,  but if you get the chance, see these guys doing their own thing!

Next, the "Best Damn DJ Partner in the Whole World, Like, Ever" Award goes to... Sue Havlish! It was a close vote, but really no contest. Double Shot with Joe and Sue on WXNA has been the most incredible experience, and it is Sue who makes it so much fun to do. We are approaching our 80th show together, and we haven't yet run out of theme or stopped having a blast.  Thanks Sue!


"American Standard" by Folk Family Revival

We start things off with a song from the album Water Walker from Houston band Folk Family Revival.  I nabbed this track off a 2015 Noisetrade compilation. 

"Don't Get Captured" by Run the Jewels

Next, we have a track from the latest album by hip hop supergroup Run the Jewels. 

"Manic at Midnight" by Circus Propaganda

Next, we have a supergroup of another sort -from the archives of Dord Music Group. From the album Botany, this band consists of members of The Foresters, Batkhi Dahn, Discount Ravioli, 100% Beefcake, Flavored Cardboard, Smokey the Firebear, Quinn Harley, and Atticus Floyd (and probably others).

"Oklahoma Gypsy Shuffler" by Adam Carroll

Next, we have another awesome song by Adam Carroll from his Old Town Rock n Roll album. This song is covered by Band of Heathens on the recent Adam Carroll Tribute album. 

"Eviction Notice" by Voice of Addiction

Earie Award winners Voice of Addiction with another powerful track from their The Lost Art of Empathy album. 

"Irene" by Evan P. Donohue

Next up, we have a track from the soundtrack to the indie documentary Music City Underground. Evan P. Donohue is a producer, engineer, and a founding member of the garage punk band Diarrhea Planet. I most recently saw him singing at a tribute to Elvis Costello at The 5 Spot (probably at least a year ago?)

"The Road" by The Boy From the Crowd

Next, we have a track from where the bees come to die by this U.K. indie rock band with some blues/rock influences. 

"PEACEGOD" by Ugggy

EARIE ALERT:  the "Joe DiMaggio" award goes to Ugggy of Valued Customer. Ugggy has released new music on the first of  each of the last ten month.  This is the A Side of his November release P**C*G*D, and features a sample from the motion picture Network - (I added the relevant scene from that film into my video playlist). Not only has Ugggy been consistently releasing music - he has been consistently been releasing excellent music that pushes all sorts of boundaries.   

"Glory, Glory" by Lindsay Ellyn

And we close things out with one of my favorite songs from Out of Road. The video was shot at The 5 Spot by my friend Jared (who recently left Nashville- hopefully just temporarily). I was glad to run into Lindsay last week. 

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