Monday, January 22, 2018

Music City Monday Morning Shuffle - One Helluva Hangover Mix

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Okay - well, two weeks ago, I started a new thing for Music City Monday - the shuffle is based upon a ever expanding Spotify playlist of Nashville artists past and present - trying to cover as much of the diversity of Music City's music  as I can.  Last week, I was off work - so today marks the 2nd edition of Music City Monday 2.0.  In case you want to peruse the playlist at your leisure, it is currently at 740 songs (over 44 hours of music), and it is still growing.  Anyway, here is the LINK.

I need to add an editorial comment:  I honestly wish that Spotify paid creators more for their work, and I hope that happens some time. In the meantime, I do think it is a good vehicle for hearing a ton of music and for creating playlist like this one.  However, my wish is that if you hear music you love, and you are able, go buy it.  Saving or even "downloading" an album on Spotify does not in any way equal buying the album. I think when you look at the profits that Spotify is making off the blood sweat and tears of the artists and songwriters and others who make the music, it is clearly an untenable situation.

As always, E2TG is about the music, so this shuffle like any other I post is about the music.

In any event, I think today's shuffle is a pretty nice cross-section of Nashville's music, and I look forward to bring you more in the weeks and months to come. 

"Six Empty Bottles" (Live) by Royal Court of China

We start things off with the first of two tracks from the Return to Elliston Square Live album which was recorded during a 2008 performance at the Exit/In for the release of the Return to Elliston Square 1979-1989 compilation album.  Royal Court of China formed in the mid 80s.  By the time of their second album, the original line-up had split - with Robert Logue and Oscar Rice forming The Shakers, and Joe Blanton and Chris Mekow continuing as Royal Court of China.  This was a track from that second album, Geared and Primed. The band has reformed a few time in recent years (as recently as last year), and the rumor is the band is working on new material. Robert Logue as rejoined the band for these reunions, but Oscar Rice is retired from music.  I am not sure if Logue played on this track, but I will tag him on Facebook anyway.

"I Wanna Be Famous" by Blackfoot Gypsies

From Nashville Rock's 1980s heyday, to the current resurgence.  Leading the current wave of great bands, is Blackfoot Gypsies who eight years in are veterans of the local music community. This a track from their latest album To the Top. 

"Shake Off the Cold" by Chris Moyse

Nashville has always been a magnet for great songwriters who walk a line outside of mainstream country music.  From the renegades and outlaws who took up residency on the west side in the early 70s to the newest arrivals who tend to congregate on the east side of the Cumberland River. Chris Moyse is originally from Connecticut. He has been in Nashville for around five years. This is a track from his 2017 EP Bad Parts. 

"Jumpin' Blues" by Tomi Lunsford

Tomi Lunsford is one of a handful of great artists that bridge the gap from Nashville's past to the present. Her credits are far too numerous to mention here. Lunsford is originally from North Carolina and  is from a rich musical heritage including legendary bluegrass artist Bascom Lundsford. She was part of  a family band with her father and two sisters up until her father's death in 1978.  This is a track from her most recent album Come On Blue which features Pete Finney, James Haggarty, Jerry Roe, Mac Gayden and more.  

"I Dare Not Call Her Name" by Davis Raines

I became familiar with songwriter Davis Raines first through the music of Mark Robinson. I hear his songs performed by many different artists around Nashville, and Raines plays regular gigs at Brown's Diner. This is a track from his 2007 album Going to Montgomery. Jon Byrd often performs the title track from the album. 

"Living At Night" (Live) by Walk the West

Next, we have another track from that Return to Elliston Square Live album. This one features Nashville rock legends Walk the West.  Walk the West were one of the hottest local bands when I was first getting into the Nashville music scene in the 1980s.  Led by the late Paul Kirby, the band played high energy rock and roll with a western flavor. They later formed an off-shoot band called The Cactus Brothers which ended up having some success of their own.

"Ukulele Waltz" by David Olney

I don't think any survey of Nashville's music would be complete without an appearance by the one and only David Olney. This is from a 2008 album Live at Norm's River Roadhouse Vol. 1 and features Sergio Webb and Jack Irwin. 

"Buried in Burgundy" by Zach Schmidt

And we close things out with one of the brightest stars of the "new" Nashville community.  Zach Schmidt has been generating some well-deserved national attention. This is a track from his 2016 Nashville debut - The Day We Lost the War.  

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