Thursday, January 18, 2018

Trending Thursday Morning Shuffle - Fair Trade Mix

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Once again, Jon Latham proves that rock n roll is alive and well.  His powerhouse set at the CD release show for Lifers included special guests Lilly Hiatt, Darrin Bradbury, and Josh Morris. A Fugazi cover embedded in "Kimberly Met Billy", and a cover of "Greetings from Nashville" (a Jason and the Scorchers gem written by the late Tim Krekel. The latter was special to me as a link from my Nashville music fan past to present (and because it rocked). Latham's band: Andrew Leahey and Sean Quinn (guitars), Cory Nichols (bass), and Raun Schultz (drums) have developed into one of the tightest and best bands in town - which in this town is saying a mouthful.

Josh Morris (who has co-produced both of Latham's albums) opened with a set from his band The Greenfields followed by Sean Quinn and the Tremblers.  Both those bands play very different versions of what I think of as power pop. Catchy tunes with depth and substance.

Those who braved the frigid temps were treated to a wonderful night of music.

Okay - time to dive into the recently expanded New Music playlist with our Trending Thursday Shuffle. There were a couple of longer songs so just six tracks in the shuffle today.

"Hey God" by Steve Poltz

We start things off with a track from the Strange Freedom: Songs of Love and Protest album which was released last year by Cafe Rooster Records. This contribution is by singer-singer Steve Poltz who is perhaps best known for his work with Jewel - including co-writing her number two hit "You Were Meant for Me", but who should be best known for being a brilliant and often hilarious singer-songwriter. This song is about trying to negotiate a trade of sorts with the man upstairs. 

"Hourglass" by Andrew Reed

Next, we have a first listen to If All the World Were Right by singer-songwriter Andrew Reed - who is from North Carolina but currently based in Nashville. I am just catching up and reading about Reed, and I am intrigued by what I have read.  As I said, this was my first real listen, and I cannot wait to hear more. 
"Crepuscular" by connect_icut

Given all the bands I have written about who are or were from Connecticut, it seems inevitable that I would eventually write about a artist called connect_icut. But connect_icut is actually from Vancouver, British Columbia. The album is called Music for Granular Synthesizer and it was released in November. This is a nine minute instrumental track. Crepuscular indicates an animal that is active during periods of twilight (dawn and dusk).  Digging this music, and will be posting form in the time to come.  I could not find this track either on YouTube or streaning, but here is another track from the new album:

"Transilient Skin" by Broken Guru

Broken Guru return to E2TG with a track from their recently released album Violets Exposed to Radiation. Broken Guru is from New York. We last heard from them with their album Bent Up Halo. This is a eight plus minute rocker. 

"Time to Resign" by Rachel Mason (feat. Donald Trump)

Next up, we have one of the more unique songs we've ever featured on E2TG.  Rachel Mason is a producer and artist from NYC.  Rachel Mason is a sculptor and a composer. She performs under the anem Future Clown. Her latest single utilizes the works and voice of the current inhabitant of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.   

"I've Got a Feeling" (Sands of Time Cover) by Pat Power

And we close out this set of songs with track from the latest release by Pat Power of 2016 E2TG Band of the Year, Valued Customer.  The album is called Ontario Gothic vol. 1, and it contains all covers written by and originally performed by songwriters from Ontario, Canada. Our first listen is a song that went to #2 in Canada in 1970. The vocals here are by Jolene D'Mello.  

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