Thursday, January 11, 2018

Trending Thursday Morning Shuffle - Rise Above Mix

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So, it's Thursday.  In the past, I have done a Throwback Thursday shuffle (songs at least 10 years old or maybe it was twenty).  Later, I came up with Topical Thursday - where I created a special playlist of songs that closely (or loosely) fit into a special theme or topic. 

At the end of 2017, I preempted Topical Thursday - to add one more day of "new music" to deal with the backlog of songs in my "New Music" playlist.

And I have decided to make that change permanent (or at least for the foreseeable future) to reflect the large volume of new music that is coming my way,  For want of a more clever term, I'm calling it Trending Thursday (to follow Trending Tuesday).

As I stated on Tuesday, I started the year with over 400 songs in my new music playlist - which included a ton of brand new music plus some holdovers from 2017. 

Let's shuffle:

"Breakin' New Ground" by Danny Sandock

We start with the title track from the most recent album by one-time Nashville and current California singer-songwriter Danny Sandock.  He is hard at work on his 5th album.  I have a couple of sneak peak tracks from that release, and I can't wait for that album to drop. 

"With Every Heartbeat" by Mike Younger

Next, we have a track from one of my favorite albums of 2017 - Little Folks Like You and Me from Nashville's own Mike Younger. Happy to be able to continue to write about this album in the new year.

"One-Eyed Driving" by Bark

I mentioned on a previous post that the debut full-length album by Knoxville duo Bark is called Year of the Dog. And that according to Chinese Zodiac, 2018 will be a Year of the Dog but that the Chinese calendar, the Year of the Dog does not start until later this month.  Well according to E2TG, we are already in the midst of the Year of the Dog - which started when this album was released if not earlier. 

"Chicago" by John Hufford

Next, we have a heartbreaking yet hopeful song from Pennsylvania singer-songwriter John Hufford's EP Sleep which came out late last last year. 

"Analog" by  Dave Hogan
"Fully Realized" by Dave Hogan

So, the random shuffle brought up the first two tracks from Dave Hogan's brand new album Third Life - back to back. Hogan is from Connecticut.  He hosts a radio show on WPKN, and he is a former member of E2TG favorites Grimm Generation. I met Hogan a couple of years ago - when he attended a songwriter festival here in Nashville. Really like what I'm hearing from this new album.  

Third Life came out in December, and I didn't any videos to match these songs. You can get the album from 

"Don't You Do Me That Way" by Big Shoes

Big Shoes is a seven piece band made up of experienced and talented journeyman musicians from Nashville and Muscle Shoals.  Will McFarlane, Mark T. Jordan, Andy Peake, Rick Huckaby, Kenne Cramer, Tom Szell, and Bryan Brock have combined credits which inlcude: Bonnie Raitt, Van Morrison, Delbert McClinton, Etta James, Taj Mahal, Bobby Blue Bland and more. Step on it! is red hot blues music . 

Official release of Step On It is set for February, but you cna lisren to the album now - via Spotify.

"Stone Broke" by Red's Blues

Speaking of red and blues - we have our first listen to You Knock Me Out - the latest album by Sacramento-based blues band, Red's Blue.  Lead by powerhouse vocalist  Beth "Red" Grigsby.  

I couldn't find any videos of this track, but you can listen here 

"Real Cool Hand" by Dave Hogan

And we close things out today, with a third track from Third Life. Love this song. 

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