Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Trending Tuesday Morning Shuffle - God Save the Drag Queen Mix

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Well, it is January 9, and I am finally digging into some of the brand new music that has come my way.  This is the first Trending Tuesday Shuffle of the year.  This shuffle comes from my brand new "New Music" playlist. I've added well over 200 songs from recently received albums, and I added in some "holdovers" from my last New Music playlist.  This new playlist started the year at just over 400 songs.

For those new to E2TG, I want to explain.  The primary outlet of E2TG is the morning shuffle - which is exactly what it sounds like - if it sounds like this: every morning that I work, I hit the random shuffle (either on a specific playlist or on all the songs on my music player), and I write about the songs that come up.

I very, very rarely will do a full-album review, however, through the shuffle I usually cover most of the albums that I select to feature. Almost all of the music on my New Music playlist had either been submitted or at least recommended to me.

I hope that clears things up.  So... on this dreary, foggy, misty morning, I left my home and I hit shuffle on my brand new "New Music" playlist, and these are the songs/tracks that came up....

"Inverness" by Marie/Lepanto

So, I featured this track yesterday - with an embed of the soundcloud stream, and lo and behold, it comes up first on my shuffle today. This is the first track released from the forthcoming new album Tenkiller by Marie/Lepanto - which is a collaboration between Will Johnson formerly of Centro-matic and  Justin Peter Kinkel-Shuster  of Water Liars.  I am so excited to be able to feature this album - it sounds fantastic. 

"Big City Blankets" by The Velveteen Jumping Bean

This is the opening track for We're Here for a Good Reason by The Velveteen Jumping Beans.  The Velveteen Jumping Beans is a nom de plume of Discount Ravioli.  This was introduced to me as the lost Discount Ravioli album.  This openingt track sounds great.   The video (since The Velveteen Jumping Bean like Discount Ravioli do not have videos - side note: there are tons of videos about Mexican Jumping Beans) I've included features The Nork family and is over ten years old - which means it predates the existence of The Foresters.  By the way, this one of over 60 releases on the Dord Music Group that are available on Bandcamp. 

"Let's Play Twister" by Discount Ravioli

Coincidentally, the next track is a Discount Ravioli track from the Baby Arm Sessions. It's about playing Twister with your mom and your dog and your cat.  For the video here (in lieu of posting one of the hundreds of ravioli-related videos) features Sam of Discount Ravioli provided commentary on a video game.  Enjoy. 

"Santa Fe" by John Dennis

Next up, we have a track from Second Wind by Nashville singer-songwriter John Dennis. One of my favorite songwriters that I was introduced to in 2017.

"Nobody Knows" by Matthew Sweet

As I long-time fan of Matthew Sweet, I was ecstatic to get the chance to feature his album Tomorrow Forever. After this track, I still have nine tracks to feature from the album.   

"3...2..1." by Ugggy

One January 1, 2018, E2TG 2017 Artist of the Year, Ugggy, released The Amnesia Tape - it was his 11th straight month of releasing new music on the first. This is the second track from his September 2017 release - The H(ear)T Beet Tape. 

"Blessed Relief" by Tom House

Next, we have a track from Strange, I Reckon - which is the latest release from Nashville songwriter Tom House. This track tackles the subject of death - which House's usual flair for the poetic and authentic. 

"Fucked" by Langen Neubacher

As I have noted before, Alone is a solo project of Langen Neubacher of E2TG favorites The Defeated County.  Look for new music from The Defeated County in 2018.  My favorite kind of solo albums - are those - like this one - that steps away from the sound of the band and creates something new. This is the last track on the Alone EP. 

"Ethel Weighs In" by The Velveteen Jumping Bean

Through the luck of the shuffle, we had the opening track from We're Here for a Good Reason earlier in the shuffle and this is the final track form the album.  In a bold move, the final track is a scathing critique of the album from the mysterious Ethel - who may or not be the mother of one of the band members (but probably not). Ethel sounds suspiciously like one of the band members, but that is probably just a coincidence. For the video, I found a video from several years ago that appears to have been written by and featuring one of the band members of The Velveteen Jumping Bean - but I could not corroborate this information.  

"The American Life" by Darrin Bradbury

I saw Darrin Bradbury perform a few songs (including some new and some very old ones) -last night at Dee's Country Cocktail Lounge. And then, today this track - from Cafe Rooster Sessions Vol. 2 came up. It's a look at the state of our union from the unique perspective of Mr. Bradbury.

"Ladies Man" by Maynard and the Musties

Next up, is another track from Nashville Magic by former Brooklyn and now Nashville band Maynard and the Musties. The song is about the hard life of a Ladies Man or something like that. 

"The Wolf" by Rayvon Pettis

And we close out this shuffle with our first official listen to The Dying Light - the amazing new album by 2017 Artist of the Year Rayvon Pettis. Pettis writes incredible songs and his voice is unique and provides the perfect vehicle for his words. 

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