Friday, February 16, 2018

Featured Friday Morning Shuffle - Bright Castle Mix

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Woo hoo!  It's Friday!  And I have a three day weekend!   Don't be surprised if, despite my being off work, there is a Music City Monday shuffle on Monday.  Don't be surprised if there is not...

Had another fine reminder of Nashville's embarrassment  of riches when it comes to great musicians.  I attended the Joe Pisapia Love-In at The 5 Spot. When I first heard of Joe's music, it was in the 90s Nashville band, Joe Marc's Brother.  Joe's brother Marc was also in the band last night along with James Haggerty, Jim Hoke, Austin Hoke, Sam Smith, and Martin Lynds. They will be back at The 5 Spot next week, and I highly recommend it. As usual the show sounded great, thanks in large part to Eric - who was working his last night running sound at the East Nashville bar. He will be missed.

Let's get this weekend started with a Featured Friday shuffle...

"Castle" by Charlie Smyth

We start things off with another track  (one of two today) from the forthcoming album, The Way I Feel. My shuffle has been loving this album - my shuffle has good taste. We will keep you updated for when this will be available.  In the meantime, the video playlist has a couple of songs from Smyth's previous band The Western Shore. 

"I Wanna Be" by Christine Rosander

Christine Rosander delivers some more beautiful music from her new album Been a Long Time. This reminds me of some of the great pop music from the early seventies. 

"Cycron 47 Sings the End of His Life" by Rayvon Pettis

Next, up we have a track from Dying Light, the recently released album by 2017 E2TG Artist of the Year, Rayvon Pettis.  Near as I can tell, this song references a video game? Okay, so I don't really know what this is all about, but it is a wonderful song, and Rayvon has one of those voices that I just love to hear.  

"Bright" by Kristin Hersh

Next, we have another track from Wyatt at the Coyote Palace, the most recent album by Hersh (Throwing Muses).  The album and a book by the same name were released in 2016. A vinyl reissue was released in 2017 by Happy Happy Birthday to Me Records - which is when I got a chance to feature it. 

"Another Good Man Down" by Tim Easton

Next, we have a tragic from the forthcoming acoustic album by East Nashville's Tim Easton - Paco and the Melodic Polaroids. The album is due out in April and comes highly recommended by me. 

"Daggers" by Charlie Smyth

A second track from The Way I Feel is up next. Be on the lookout for more information on when this album will be released. 

"You Will Be Loved" by Sounding Arrow

Our final track to feature from Love is Breathing by Sounding Arrow - which features Scott Kinnebrew of Truth and Salvage Co.  I have really enjoyed being able to feature this album. 

"The Thunder" by The End Men

And, we close things out with a track from Heavy Seas - the latest release by 2013 E2TG Band of the Year - Brooklyn's The End Men.  True to the song title (and the band's reputation, this is loud and heavy music.  A nice way to close out the shuffle on a rainy Friday in Nashville.  Listen to "The Thunder" below:

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