Saturday, February 3, 2018

Rare Saturday Shuffle - Heart of a Saturday Afternoon Mix

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Well, it's been a little while. Thanks for bearing with me during my brief time away. I will be back to regular posting on Thursday, but I thought I would take a few minutes on this Saturday to listen to some songs from my "New Music Playlist".  I shuffled up the playlist while I did some errands, and I ended up with 17 tracks. I will be rather brief, but if you hear or read about something you like - be sure to dig deeper and shoot me a line if you have any questions.

"When Hearts Approach the Great Divide" by Dylan Galvin

We start things off with our penultimate track to feature from Remember to Play. This is an emotionally powerful song about divorce.

"Drowning Blues" by Low Society

Next, we have a track from Sanctified by Low Society from Memphis. 

"Stay Standing" by The Cravens

Next, we have our first listen (and first of two tracks today) from this Stonesy rock and Americana by way of West Palm Beach, Florida.  The name of the album is On the Line.

"blesssed" by Ugggy

E2TG Artist of the Year, Ugggy started releasing new music on the first of every month in March 2017. A couple of days ago, he released his 12th and final in this series. This a track from STŒND ALŒN (uncollected thots) which was released back in May of last year.

"MLK, Inspired by Nelson Mandela" by Danny Sandock

Next, we have another track from Breakin' New Ground by California singer-songwriter Danny Sandock. This was his fourth album and was released a few years back, but we are featuring now as he works on his fifth album. 

"Underneath the Banyon" by Life in a Blender

Next we have a track from Happy Enough - the most recent release by Brooklyn's Life in a Blender. The violin work of  Rebecca Weiner Tompkins can heard prominently on this track.

"h i p n a u t i c" by Ugggy

More Ugggy - this time from The Mood Ring EP which was released on the 1st of July last year.

"The Meanness" by Mark Currey

Next up, we have our first listen to Tarrant County by Arkansas based singer-songwriter Mark Currey.  I was introduced to his music through Amelia White ahead of a show they did here in Nashville in December. Really enjoying this album. 

"Music for Love" by Matthew Sweet

More Matthew Sweet from Tomorrow Forever. 

"Little Word" by Andrea Stray

Next up, we have a track from Into Blue by Andrea Stray.  Andrea divides time between Nashville and San Francisco.  

"When I Think of You" by Caroline Cotter

Next up, Caroline Cotter with another track from the album Home on the River.

"Virus" by Rayvon Pettis

The other E2TG Artist of the Year is next with a track from his album Dying Light. This song was co-written by Pettis and Anna Joy Harris - who I first met backing up Darrin Bradbury but who is now part of The Big Dumb - a great band in their own right who also serve as Pettis' band.  Harris is a wonder songwriter.

"Slept It Off" by Bashful Hips

I first came into contact with Bashful Hips a few years back. He subsequently moved (back?) to Nashville, and I got to attend his CD release show for his previous album. Since then, he has relocated to Chicago, and he just released what may be his best album to date: People. Nature. Death.

"World of Regret" by Bark

It is The Year of the Dog, and that is also the name of debut full-length album by E2TG favorites Bark.

"Sleep Baby, Sleep" by Renfree Isaacs

Next, we have a track from the self-titled release by Nashville trio Renfree Isaacs. They have a new album which I played a track from today on Double Shot. 

"Lincoln in the Bardo" by Ben Arthur

Next, another track from Ben Arthur and his  American Castles album. This track is inspired by and a response to the novel of the same name by George Saunders.

"Road to Reason" by The Cravens

And we close with a second track from On the Line.  


  1. Joe!! I'm flattered and humbled that you picked the ONLY recorded song by Low Society featuring MY lead vocal! I wrote the song a decade ago, before I met Mandy. She tricked me into it...we recorded the rhythm track last year, and I had every expectation that she would sing it. Glad you like it!!

  2. Joe, in behalf of The Cravens, THANK YOU for including TWO tracks on our just released CD on your blog! WOW!!!! So happy! ENJOY!!!