Thursday, February 22, 2018

Trending Thursday Morning Shuffle - Before and After Temple Mix

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Fun night last night checking out The Coal Men and The Truehearts at The 5 Spot.  Both are top-notch bands who have deservedly achieved a great reputation in this music city. This was evidenced by the stellar musicians and songwriters in attendance.

It is Thursday and time to dive headlong into the "New Music" playlist for this "Trending Tuesday".  All of these tracks are (more or less) recent additions to my collection, and artists/albums that I waited to feature here at E2TG.

Let's shuffle!

"Before and After" by Autumn

We start things off with a first listen to this trio from Minneapolis. Autumn have been making music for over 20 years.  Sett Records out of Chicago released a 3 song single ("The Fall") in October. This is the b-side to that single. Look for a full-length album in March.  Autumn's music is described as lush, passionate, melodic, dark pop. A great way to start my morning commute.

"Temple." by Ugggy

Next up, Ugggy with a track from his January 2018 release The Amnesia Tape. Ugggy (along with his partner is Valued Customer, Patrick Power) is one of the most interesting and innovative artists I've encountered.  His bandcamp page has all 12 of the releases he put out from March 2017 until February 2018. Listen to "Temple." below:

"Maria Consuelo Arroyo" by Tim Henderson

Yesterday, I mentioned that I had received the six volume Legacy Series for Texas folk singer/songwriter Tim Henderson. The Legacy Collection was released back in 2016, but I was so excited to have this music, that I added the first volume to my "New Music" playlist. That first volume is subtitled Gone to Texas. This is a truly beautiful song.  

"repeater" by We Are Parasols

We Are Parasols are back in the shuffle with another track from their sophomore release Inertia which was released in December. Indie electronica, industrialgaze whatever you call it. I'm digging this album. 

"Lost Token" by Raven King

Next up, some heavy, grungy, loud rock from Providence, Rhode Island band Raven King from their self-titled album.  

"Face Down Penny" by Ben de la Cour

One of my favorite Nashville songwriters will be releasing a new album in April - The High Cost of Living Strange.  My first introduction to de la Cour's music was via Couch by Couchwest, the late lamented on-line festival which would be gearing up if it was still going.  This was before he moved to Nashville. Since then, I have been fortunate enough to see him perform live several times, and we premiered a video from his most recently released album Midnight in Havana.  I got my hands on his new album. This is one of my favorites of his new songs. No video for this song yet, but stayed tuned - expect to hear much more about this upcoming release.   

"People Got to Deal With Who They Are" by Tom House

While it is true that you can't swing a cat without hitting a songwriter in this town, finding truly original and interesting songwriters is a little more challenging (although their is not a shortage - thank goodness). If Ben de la Cour represents the cream of the crop of "new" Nashville songwriters then Tom House is definitely at the pinnacle among the "old guard".  This is another track from his latest album, Stramge, I Reckon.  House writes awesome, off-beat songs that speak universal truths in a unique manner. He also has a memorable voice (both as a writer and as a singer). I sure can't argue the words of this song.  Ad

"Pretty Please" by Matthew Sweet

We continue to weave our way through Tomorrow Forever, the latest album (double album) from Matthew Sweet. As I have previously posted, this album fits in nicely with some of Sweet's best known work. I think we have about a half a dozen songs left to feature.  

"Waste Your Breath" by Bark

And we close things out with one of my favorite bands and their awesome latest album (I guess it's their first full-length Bark album) The Year of the Dog.   I have been a fan since I first heard Tim Lee 3, and to be honest, it really wasn't a surprise to me when I found out that Tim and Susan were directly and involved with some of my favorite artists of all time. The will be playing some shows around the Southeast in March - if they come near you - go see them! 

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