Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Trending Tuesday Morning Shuffle - Foggy Breathing Mix

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Visited the East Room in East Nashville last night.  Saw Cory Taylor Cox for the first time.  Really liked his music. His song "Memphis Kids" (I think that was the title) was great!

Next up was E2TG fave Joanna Barbera. It has been a little while since I saw Joanna perform, and as as always been the case, I loved her music. In addition to her wonderful original songs (included one that was featured in an episode of the show Criminal Minds, she also did a cover of Tom Petty's "Breakdown" that was absolutely stunning and beautiful.

Next up was one of the greatest living songwriters (according to me and NPR), David Dondero. It is always a joy to see him, but perhaps even more so this time. This was the kind of angry folk music that we need more of.  He did an updated version of his song "Pity Party" which was written after Columbine. I didn't realize how much I needed to hear music and message delivered in this way*

One of E2TG's all time favorite artists, Darrin Bradbury closed the night with a set that included some of his newest songs and a couple of old favorites. Some time around four years ago, when I first heard Darrin's music, I wrote that he was one of the best pure songwriters around. Meaning, that once you strip away off the extras that make music awesome, you are left with just the song, and Darrin's songs are among the best. That initial assessment as only grown over time. I am excited to hear his upcoming album with all new songs.

*What I realized listening to David Dondero last night is that I have been suppressing a lot of anger of late. I guess it's in my nature to try to offer a measured response to things, but when kids are being murdered in schools and our leaders do nothing (and/or make the situation worse) and when kids finally have enough and speak out and they are attacked and ridiculed and when we have leaders who openly support and elevate racist and xenophobic conspiracy theories and when a presidential candidate who mocked a man with disabilities becomes a president who strips away rights and protections for people with disabilities, then maybe the time for measured responses is past and maybe it is time for anger and for outrage.

Here's the deal, when this cancer which has attacked our nation us eradicated, then we can have a measured discussion about economic policies etc.  When this disease is defeated, we can deal with the issues within the opposition party. But, wiping out this infection HAS to be our top priority.

Onward... it is Tuesday and let's check out what music is trending on E2TG

"The Great Dying" by MIS+RESS

We start things off with another track from the self-titled album from ambient artist MIS+RESS. MIS+RESS is the project of Brian Wenckebach who was a part of one of the first bands I wrote about on E2TG back in 2011 - Elika. Listen below:

"Habitats" by Broads

Next, more dreamy type music to help ease me into my day, from Norwich band, Broads from their album Field Theory. 

"The Fun Art Man" by The Velveteen Jumping Bean

The Velveteen Jumping Bean's album We're Here For a Good Reason was introduced to me as a lost Discount Ravioli album. It is essentially the same cast of characters of Discount Ravioli. At least on this track, I would say they are like Discount Ravioli on way too much caffeine. Fortunately, as sharp, creative, and funny as these kids are - the results of too much caffeine are entertaining. Listen below:

"the intro" by Ugggy

Next up, is Ugggy from his December release the synesthesia tape. As the track title suggests, this is the intro to that release. Listen below:

"California Bars" by Tim Easton

We continue to preview Paco and the Melodic Polaroids - the forthcoming album from East Nashville singer-songwriter Tim Easton. The album is stripped down and wonderful. The release date is set for April 13.

"A Dog's Humanity" by Bashful Hips

Next, we have another track from People. Nature. Death. from long-time E2TG favorite Bashful Hips. As I said before, I have been a fan of Bashful Hips since I first heard his music, but I think this is clearly his best album to date. I connect with the songs on this album very much. 

"Foggy Mind" by Cup

Next up, we have a first listen to the album Hiccup from the band Cup - based in Brooklyn.  This is some pretty nifty garage punk/psychedelic music and I like it very much.  Cup is the project of Tym Wojcik, and Hiccup is the seventh album. I look forward to hearing and writing more about this album. 

"Breathing" by Phantoms vs Fire

Next, we have another track from Swim by Phantoms vs Fire.  Phantoms vs Fire play electronic music. It is the project of Thiago C. Desant who is from Brazil but based in Italy. 

"You're the Reason Our Kids Are Ugly" by The Nouveaux Honkies

Next, we have another first listen.  Loud in Hear from Florida based The Nouveaux Honkies is due out this coming Friday.  This song is a cover of a song written by L.E. White and Lola Jean Dillon.  It has been covered by Conway Twitter and Loretta Lynn and Cyndi Lauper.  The Nouveau Honkies are Tim O'Donnell and Rebecca Dawkins.  Among the musicians appearing on the album are the legendary Lloyd Maines and Bill Kirchen. 

"Witch of West Lynn" by Tim Henderson

And we close things out with an amusing song from the late songwriter Tim Henderson. This is from Vol. 1 of his Legacy Collection which is subtitled Gone to Texas.

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